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Please make the language used by Evie selectable since someone borked my German translation (mix between formal and non-formal German, the use of non-common English words) and I would like to use English now.

I know I'm nitpicking here but I had a lot of work with the translation and the released version is definitely sub par.

Hate to say but since build 89 there is

nothing... 🤣 No bugs found. Everything works as it should. Thanks!

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Since build 88 the status bar often stays in the color which if shown if you pull up the agenda. I don't have found something reproducable though. Sometimes it stays colored after returning to the homescreen and sometimes not.

The new option to hide the dock is somewhat misleading. If the switch is on the dock is shown. The text for the switch is 'hide dock'. Either you change the text to 'show dock' or you change the state of the switches. 

Is it me or is the option to set the agenda card height broken in build 86?

Starting from build 85 (afaik) disabling the weather in the calendar does not work anymore. Since dark sky sucks here in Europe that's quite annoying...

I'll post this in 'Feature Requests' though I would consider it being a bug: If you tap on the Plus-FAB on the agenda page you have 'Task' among the choices even if you're not logged in into Todoist. If you tap on 'Task' Dailydo opens the default browser with the Todoist sync page.

The 'Task' button should not be shown if you're not logged in into Todoist.

I have my most often used apps in my middle icon bar. If I swipe to the left or right icon bars I have to swipe back to get to them. How about making a tap on the home button (when you're on the home screen) to switch to the middle icon bar regardless which icon bar is visible ATM?

If you swipe up on a widget screen you get the Play Store fab. Is this a bug or intentional? Because if you swipe back to the main screen the Play Store fab is still there and the app drawer is shown under the agenda.

You have to tap the home button to get back to normal.

A landscape mode would be nice so I could use it on my tablet too.
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