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Transferring images onto glass can make awesome customized glass. In this tutorial, let’s look at How To Transfer An Image Onto Glass. What you will need are
Images, photos, or text that you intended to transfer, either color or black and white, printed on a Laser printer or tuner...

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This crochet rope basket is fabulous. It is great for storing small items. It can also be a laundry basket. With the rope and crochet around the rope, the basket is sturdy enough to stand alone or be carried around.
What you will need to make this basket are

Stash yarn

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It is nice to use aged paper for some of our art projects. If you don’t have a piece of antique paper, here is a quick way to make one with just regular paper. Here are what you need: tea, coffee, and lemon juice. Keep reading the step by step instructions linked here…
And watch the...

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Any Hello Kitty fan would love this adorable Hello Kitty Granny Square Scarf. With this Crochet Pattern, you can easily make their dream come true. It is an easy free pattern. You will simply love the results.
Made By K – Hello Kitty Granny Square Scarf
Also check out this great tutorial...

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Are you wondering how to clean your toilet quick? Then you need to check out How To Clean A Toilet In 3 Minutes. Cleaning toilet is a tough and tedious task. Most people want to get it done quick.
Equipped with this technique, you can literally get your toilet cleaned in less than three...

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Having appetite for creamy, cheesy, and thick Broccoli Cheddar Soup? Even a picky eater would love this healthy and delicious soup. Adding cheese, cinnamon, … there are many different ways to eat this soup too. You can eat this soup at Panera Bread, but if you want to try making it at home,...

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Why are we showing your these healthy homemade peanut butter dog treats? Dogs are our best friends. Always having sweet treats around the house is a nice way to show our love and appreciation for our dogs. With all the recalls on commercial dog food these days, many people lost confidence on...

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WOW! What a creative idea! This DIY headboard is great for kid’s room. You can make this beautiful headboard with the old shirts, beach towels, or other colorful fabrics that you have saved. Select your favorite patterns, logos, and signs to reflect your personality, and make an unique...

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These crochet bobbi hats are the coolest I have seen. They are perfect gift for kids. With the free crochet pattern, you can make your hats with ease.
Everyday Handmade – The Bobbi Hat
And here is another simple crochet hat project that you can crochet for yourself or as a gift for your...

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In this post, we will show you How To Make Self-Watering Container Garden. Containter Gardening is so much fun. But you need water your plants frequent enough to keep them grow healthy. For lazy gal like me, this could be challenging.
A self-watering container gardening idea is appealing to me....
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