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Google is teaching machines to draw: while abstract visual communication is a key part of how people convey ideas to one another, generative vector image modeling will enable many exciting new creative applications and tools for creative and non-creative folks alike.

#ai #futureofdesign #creativeprocess 

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Still waiting for the first startup to pull of on-demand streaming combined with real-time facial reenactment. Imagine customized blockbusters with you and your friends in supporting roles and your boss as the evil villain...

#ai #futureofmedia 

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True pioneering spirit. I can't imagine a more exciting place to work at right now...

#imagineering #disney #ilmxlab #lucasfilm #starwarsland

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Working on multiple Machine Learning projects with sovanta recently. It's basically reshaping everything we do and how we create experiences.

Looking for some great ML examples to explain it to your coworkers or clients? Rob Craft gives you an idea on how to leverage machine learning for your own business applications. 

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This technology will transform immersive performance training in virtual and mixed reality. Showing you a pre-rendering where the ball/puck/opponent is going to be (in the future) will improve reaction time, pattern recognition, and decision making.

On top of that, blending mixed reality gaming and sports will be a blast!

#Disney #AR #VR #MR #Sport #Performance

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Now’s the time to be a designer, hire one, or build a company for them.

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Definition of meta: a conversational interface placed within an article about conversational interfaces.

#conversationalinterfaces #meta

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Working as an interface designer you will focus more on creative direction instead of pushing pixels and coming up with multiple variants of a design. In a next step, those systems will learn your design patterns and personal taste to cater you better results in the first place...

Sketch 43 will support a new open file format, and it will fundamentally change how the design tools game will be played. We will see cool stuff like AI enabled automation and better collaboration tools really really soon. Instead of trying out different color themes and font combinations manually, assistant systems will offer multiple solutions based on our preferences and pre-defined rules.

#future #design #AI

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Sergey Brin talks about AI, automation, and social responsibility. From meaningless jobs to a more humanized society.

#AI #future #worldeconomicforum
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