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Technology feat. Nature feat. Humanity

Good one! I heard a similar talk on "Design and the future of work" by Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk at Web Summit last year >

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Ubiquitous robotics: Great intro to swarm user interfaces, a new class of HCI comprised of many autonomous robots that handle both display and interaction.

If you wondered: The custom-designed wheeled micro robots are $60 a pop and use a DLP structured light projector for optical tracking.

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Amazon Go is just the beginning and it's not about their own stores, pickup locations and excellent logistics. It's about licensing this frictionless retail technology and customer experience to all retailers out there. 

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One HoloLens is interesting, but shared mixed reality is when the device becomes really powerful. We build a few things over the last few days and it's a lot of fun...

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Ghostbusters: Dimensions (Madame Tussauds, NY) was by far my favourite VR/HR Experience in 2016!

Powered by The Void's technology it's basically a high-end virtual reality shooting gallery, where you can walk around an interact with physical objects. Sensory effects like wind, mist, and haptics in combination with a really solid motion tracking of your team members (including their weapons and body height) add to the perfect illusion.

I did multiple rides in late summer and I'm confident that the technology is just the beginning: We will see new forms of narrative, theme parks, educational entertainment, puzzle-solving environments, haunting houses and more really really soon! 

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No line, no checkout. It's going to be an exciting day at work today ;)

The store is currently open in beta to Amazon employees only. A public opening is scheduled for early 2017.

#computervision #AI #sensors #omnichannel #future-of-retail

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I just doodled the Mona Lisa in 6 seconds. Quick, Draw! is a hilarious and clever way to familiarize yourself with how neural networks work to identify objects in photos.

#AI #doodles #google #cloud

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To break your phone addiction, turn your screen gray =)


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web summit 2016 is about to kick off

#websummit #lisbon #ux

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Template for a great sales deck

1) name a big, relevant change in the world. Don’t begin a presentation by talking about yourself

2) show that there will be winners and losers

3) tease the Promised Land. Avoid diving into product details, but describe an ideal future state as enabled by your solution

4) introduce features as “magic gifts” for overcoming obstacles to the Promised Land

5) present evidence that makes the story come true via a relevant case study. 
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