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Paul Woolsey
Engineering, Climbing, Beering
Engineering, Climbing, Beering

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Google continues to creep me out, but these are some good shots.

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This is weird, cool, and more than a bit creepy. But screw it, here are some pictures from watching my sister graduate.

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The article and figures within are priceless.

I don't care how benevolent your cause is, please ask me to support it in a pleasing and unobtrusive manner. I'm looking at you internet pop-ups.

Portal 2 for 10 bucks. There are no excuses. If you have any appreciation for humor, puzzles, clever level design, and a sense of awe and wonderment you should do it.

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You all should check out this awesome indie game. It's still in Alpha but it's a really neat mechanic. Pull blocks out of thew all and climb up as high as you can.

A couple of months ago I thought it'd be awesome if +Nerdist would have Neil deGrasse Tyson on and thought it'd never happen, because they usually have actors, comedians, and musicians as guests. However my wish was granted. Can't wait to listen tomorrow.

New google reader: don't see what all the complaining is about. My reading space seems to be about the same, it still updates automatically, and regardless of feelings on the new style it's better than the old one for sure.

15 Bucks for Portal 2, go grab it!
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