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Luke Palmer
Functional programmatician and classifunk pianist
Functional programmatician and classifunk pianist

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Blog Post: an essay about my educational history, and respect and humanization.

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Seattle and Homeland Security has installed a network of devices that track citizens' locations by their cell phones.

"The SPD declined to answer more than a dozen questions from The Stranger, including whether the network is operational, who has access to its data, what it might be used for, and whether the SPD has used it (or intends to use it) to geo-locate people's devices via their MAC addresses or other identifiers."

The department said it "is not comfortable answering policy questions when we do not yet have a policy" -- part of the increasingly common "shoot first, think about civil rights later" pattern of power-reinforcing infrastructure.

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The DoD is funding research, to the order of $100 million, to determine "the critical mass (tipping point)" of social contagians, in the form of "models and tools that can be integrated with [military] operations".
Let me reverse the usual defeatist argument of "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" -- why would the DoD care about populist tipping points if they have nothing to fear from the population?
This is a short but highly illuminating article, and I recommend reading it in full.

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I started a new meetup. Bay Area folks check it out, maybe you'll be interested.
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