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I have this problem all the time, I get a shock every time I get out of the car, my credit cards go wild in my pocket and wont work in the cash distributers. I'm a walking telephone charger.  LOL
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Via +Cory Trusty 
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Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal
Looks like the Ministry of Truth could not update the archives quickly enough on some of this...
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Ooh, and, she's aged badly since 2008...
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Does people really buy this?
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The colour and aged plastic look of the case is proof no one would buy this as no one clearly has... Not the rich or the poor not even the Seriously a $30 Casio at least looks nice and works for years. Like I said Bling Bling NOT!!!
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Is this digital democracy in action?
Mexico City is asking its nearly 9 million residents to help draft a new constitution through social media.
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Iceland did this just a couple years ago.
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Oh la la....
Google Patent Application Shows Device That's Injected Directly Into Your Eyeball To Improve Vision
Google has had a penchant for far out tech that never reaches the market. Here's the latest.
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Utterly interesting...
This is mind-blowing stuff! Researchers used an MRI to map which parts of the brain are activated by which words, and it was mostly the same for everyone they tested.

There's an interactive site but it seems stuck at "loading brain":
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SciTech #ScienceSunday Digest - 18/2016.
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Proteins per gene, Exoplanet imaging, DNA nanothermometers, Protein assembly tools, Versatile optogenetics, 3D printing robot spiders, Deep learning, Sensory prosthetic hand, Superfluid helium blackholes, Tissue regeneration.

1. One Gene, Many Proteins
It used to be thought that each gene encoded for and produced just one single protein; this latest ambitious study has blown that paradigm apart and made it very apparent that there is far more nuance and complexity here than first thought This thorough study looked at 1,500 human genes, found how many produced multiple proteins, and ran binding studies to 15,000 other proteins to determine whether different proteins from the same gene shared the same or different functions; they generated surprisingly variable results. Different proteins can be formed from the same gene by combining different gene segments (exons) in different sequences. This will ideally be repeated for all genes and proteins. I think the take-away here is simply recognising such seemingly chaotic complexity as a measure of evolutionary robustness.

2. Imaging Exoplanets at 1km Resolution
A new proposal for a space-based telescope positioned 11 times further away than Pluto utilises the gravitational lensing of our Sun to achieve kilometer scale resolution of candidate exoplanets orbiting other stars in our local vicinity All you need is (i) a means to block out the Sun’s light, (ii) account for the Sun’s corona, (iii) improve pointing accuracy by an order of magnitude to 0.1 nanoradians, (iv) design a propulsion system able to account for orbital motion, (v) better software and optics to account for blurring, and (vi) filtering light from the planet’s parent star. Do this and you’ll get 10,000 times more light from the exoplanet. Sounds like a worthwhile project. I only wonder about such a telescope being overtaken by technological development during a lengthy commute to 600AU or so.

3. DNA Origami Nanothermometers
Specific DNA sequences can now be used to produce DNA origami structures that are programmed to function as nanothermometers The technique produces DNA structures that fold and unfold at very specific temperatures and adding optical reporter molecules results in 5nm wide structures that produce an easily-detectable signal as a function of temperature. Applications in intra-cellular biology, testing biological machines and enzyme “overheating”, and in nanoelectronics to measure temperatures of very small areas.

4. Advanced Protein-Based Tools
First, a new set of modular proteins has been designed and tested that can be customised to specifically bind arbitrary RNA sequences, and so allowing a versatile mechanism to control and image specific RNAs in the cell This is a versatile modular code for generating custom proteins able to bind specific RNA sequences from 6 to 18 bases long, with applications in future molecular assembly lines and precise measurements of how often RNA is being translated in the cell. Second, another engineered protein naturally self-assembles carbon buckminster fullerene molecules into ordered lattices and suggests a pathway to proteins able to organise nanomaterials by design

5. More Versatile Optogenetics
Optogenetics is increasingly being used to control pain in test animals by using viruses to functionalise neurons responsible for conveying pain and sensation signals, and then using light - either implanted or in this case external to the skin for peripheral neurons - to turn pain transmission on or off in very localised and specific areas New optogenetics tools now also include the ability to be activated by red light that can penetrate deeper into tissues, and also be combined with other proteins and receptors to drive other cellular processes with light

6. 3D Printing with Robot Spiders
A new prototype 3D printing technology involves the use of robotic spiders able to move around with an in-built portable 3D printer, extruding plastic instead of silk in specific patterns to collaboratively build up printed structures - accuracy of localisation is a key hurdle In related 3D printing news the rise of custom-made, personalised, 3D printed medical implants is accelerating and increasing in sophistication

7. Interesting Deep Learning Developments
A new platform called OpenAI Gym has been launched as a toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms for applications such as teaching agents to play games and navigate environments Movidius has released a neural net accelerator called Fathom on a USB stick that uses only 1 watt of power to run powerful, typically computationally intensive image recognition neural networks with wide applications including allowing every robot to have cutting-edge vision capabilities Meanwhile launched from Stanford’s AI Lab to test autonomous vehicle systems based on deep learning, and talking of autonomous vehicles self-driving trucks are really building momentum

8. HAPTIX: The Prosthetic Hand that Can Feel
Here’s a good overview of efforts within DARPA’s HAPTIX program to develop prosthetic hands that allow amputees to regain a sense of touch and sensation, at least through some of the most recent prototypes The latest prototypes incorporate direct neural interfaces that convey tactile sensory information from sensors located on the prosthetic hand, and resulting in the patient consciously perceiving sensations from those areas as if it were their own hand, and drastically improving sensitive tactile manipulation tasks from 43% to 93% success rate. Slowly getting towards a system that makes the person momentarily forget they lost the hand.

9. Blackholes, Superfluid Helium, & Phonons
New insights into the existence and behaviour of Hawking radiation at Blackhole event horizons are being made with related phenomena involving rapidly rotating superfluid helium and phonons The rapidly rotating superfluid helium forms a barrier through which sound waves should not be able to leave, yet the experiment detected phonons, small packets of sound wave energy, leaking out of this sonic blackhole as a sonic analogue to Hawking radiation leaking from a conventional blackhole. The work is undergoing peer review, confirmation, and debate.

10. Regeneration of Brain and Other Tissues
Recent experiments demonstrate that simply inserting a microneedle into the hippocampus of mice with Alzheimer’s Disease helps induce the hippocampus to regenerate, repair damage, and reduce the beta-amyloid plaques characteristic of the disease Another recent study demonstrates the use of a cocktail of nine different chemicals able to transform skin cells into beating heart or neural stem cells (different cocktail for each), that when transplanted into animals helped to regenerate damage and restore normal function to those organs

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We’ve all heard the rumor that certain foods provides less calories than it takes to digest. Is this true? Check out this SciShow Quick Question to find out!
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 “because of the actions of a cat..."
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