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"(...)During an experiment, the laser generates pulses of light that travel through a maze of mirrors and filters before reaching an anesthetized mouse on the other side of the table.
Once the pulses of light enter the mouse's skull and brain, they start to bounce around. But enough light energy gets through to cause molecules of brain tissue to vibrate. And those vibrations produce distinctive sound waves.
So light goes into the brain, and sounds come out. And just a few months ago, those sounds allowed a lab team to create high-speed, highly detailed, three-dimensional images of a mouse brain at work(...)"

Light And Sound To Reveal The Brain.

Sound waves don't bounce around much in the body, which is why an ultrasound can show a growing fetus. But ultrasound images are blurry, sometimes so blurry it's hard to tell a boy from a girl. So a scientist began experimenting with a technique that blends the speed and precision of light with the penetrating ability of sound. It's called photoacoustic imaging. This technique can do more than reveal the brain, it can show tumors of the breast and skin, and even detect individual cancer cells in the bloodstream.
Image description: A photoacoustic image of a mouse's eye shows tiny blood vessels in the iris.
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And the light shall ovecome the darkness, the most garded secrets shall not even be seen, but also heard.
This is a great breakthrough. 
Thanks for sharing bro.  hugs
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SciTech #ScienceSunday Digest - 30/2015.
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Brain inspired networking, Scene description, Bacteria vs cancer, Deep learning genetics, Sophisticated DNA origami, Graphene on silicon, Viral immune aging, Stretchy conducting fibers, Biomimicking solar cells, Useful metal foams. 

1. Better Brain-Inspired Networking
New fundamental insights into how the growing brain develops neural networks through variable rates of synaptic pruning have led to the development of algorithms for building efficient computer networking architectures Simulations of such networks suggest that they are more efficient than current computer networks, allowing more direct information flows, multiple paths to reach destinations, and reduced risk of network failure. 

2. Image Recognition and Scene Description
Here’s an interesting and accessible update article on Stanford’s NeuralTalk algorithm that can analyse images, recognise objects in them, and describe the scene in natural language with regards to the relation between different objects and their number This work continues to be developed and there are now far more examples of its use; it isn’t perfect and doesn’t yet work in all situations reliably but the results are impressive nonetheless and realtime relevant applications such as for autonomous vehicle operation are also being explored. In related news object recognition for robots takes a step forward

3. Bacteria that Kill Cancer Cells
An interesting twist on modern cancer immunotherapies involves the use of engineered bacterial strains that attack tumour cells by entering them and subsequently thrive and replicate in the low-oxygen environments that are usually present This whole field began with the observation that surgical tumour-removal patients were more likely to recover if they developed post-surgical infection. Engineered bacterial strains are designed to retain efficiency while reducing overall human toxicity. It’s also interesting to think about this in the sense of a lethal form of endosymbiosis. 

4. Deep Learning: Genetics and Sketching
A couple of interesting deep learning advances this week. First, Deep Genomics launches to offer advanced personalised medicine and genome analysis services to better predict the consequences of certain mutations on a person’s health Second, the Sketch-a-Net system demonstrated that it can correctly identify the subject of a line-drawn sketch better than a human can In related news deep learning can recognise faces from just thermal images

5. Increasing Sophistication of DNA Origami
Improvements in computer aided design of 3D DNA origami structures now make it easier than ever to create custom, atomically-precise, 3D DNA origami materials The algorithms will take an arbitrary 3D shape, optimise the interlocking DNA scaffolding to realise the shape at the nanoscale and determine the best DNA sequences that need to be produced in order to form the structures; in the example demonstration these included bunny rabbits, nanotubes, toruses, humanoids, icosahedra and other things. In the same week another group also pushed the boundaries with their 2D and 3D DNA origami patterns

6. Graphene-on-Silicon Innovations
A new wafer-scale ion-implantation synthesis method has demonstrated a simple and scalable way to produce uniform graphene sheets on silicon, potentially enabling integrated circuits that can more readily dissipate heat In other work graphene on silicon creates a near frictionless surface in which two surfaces can slide past each other smoothly when separated by nanodiamond clusters that encase themselves in graphene nanoscrolls

7. Why Tackle a Virus that Causes No Symptoms
Infection and its recurrence by cytomegalovirus (CMV), which is prevalent throughout most of the population, causes few if any symptoms and so might be innocuous. But chronic life-long infection by this virus activates the immune system on an on-going basis and this leads to aging of the immune system, the accumulation of damage, and contributes to the reduction of immune efficiency with age So there are good reasons for developing therapies and interventions towards such a seemingly harmless virus. 

8. Stretchy, Electrically-Conducting Fibers
A new fiber material has been developed that can reversibly stretch to over 14 times its length while electrical conductivity increases by 200 times when fully stretched The base fibers consist of a rubber core wrapped in carbon nanotube fibers, and these are engineered with a deliberate buckled structure that helps provide the beneficial properties. The group hope to develop applications in artificial muscles and machine actuators. 

9. Biomimicry Improves Solar Cells
A new solar cell design utilises a surface that mimics the texture and structure of the compound eyes of moths, albeit at much smaller feature sizes of 20nm, in order to exploit anti-reflective properties The surfaces are self-assembled from block copolymers and effectively reduce light reflections to less than 1% across all visible and near-infrared wavelengths of light. The self-assembly process appears scalable; hopefully this can be applied to commercial grade solar cells and other materials. 

10. Useful Properties for Metal Foams
Lightweight composite metal foam materials are effective at both blocking a range of radiation sources (x-rays, gamma rays, neutrons) and also absorbing high-impact collision energy Initial tests were very promising but the group believe further optimisation and improvements are possible, mainly with their lead candidate comprising stainless steel with small amounts of tungsten. Applications include nuclear safety and transportation, space exploration, and medical devices - particularly those that utilise radiation. 

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Paws Workout
If you have a kitty the chances are she's already helped you workout anyway. So here's the chance to use the Paws workout and formalize the arrangement. This is precision work, it calls for smooth control of muscles and attention to the way you move your body, of course.  

Instructions: Repeat each move with no rest in between until the set is done, rest up to 2 minutes and repeat the whole set again 3, 5 or 7 times depending on your fitness level.

What it works: Quads, deltoids, chest, obliques, triceps, chest, abs, front hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, cardiovascular system. 

Make it better:  You can't or rather, you shouldn't. 

Make it harder: Get a heavier kitty? try it with two? 

Perfect for: Every cat owner and cat who wants to exercise with its owner. 

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#fitness   #darebee   #caturday  
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Awesome +Luis Galvan​👍😄
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I'll have 3 free movies 😁😁😁
Google is celebrating the Chromecast's second birthday with a free movie rental offer for owners. Whether you currently own a Chromecast, or are looking to purchase one, you have until December 31, 2015 to redeem the offer.
Google is celebrating the Chromecast's second birthday with a free movie rental offer for owners. Whether you currently own a Chromecast, or are looking to purchase one, you have until December 31, 2015 to redeem the offer. Redeeming the offer is quite simple: You just need to head to open the Chromecast app, head to the settings and then redeem offers. From here you can search for a...
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:-) mmmm....hubo días que también se me complicó al cambiar de módem ...y tuve que resetear my chromecast ... Pero todo se solucionó!!! 
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That's an interesting YouTube channel...
New today: TRAFFIC STOP is the #New StoryCorps #AnimatedShort. Alex Landau recounts how he was severely beaten by the Denver Police following a traffic stop in 2009. Together, with his mother, Patsy Hathaway, Alex remembers the night that changed both their lives.
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Important post to take into consideration...
Forewarned is Forearmed

Before the new flurry of hyped articles about the EMDrive/Hyperdrive burn through the web again, here is the last paragraph of the research article being referred to:

The nature of the thrusts is still unclear. Additional tests need to be carried out to study the magnetic interaction of the power feeding lines used for the liquid metal contacts. Our test campaign can not confirm or refute the claims of the EMDrive but intends to assess possible side-effects in the methods used so far. Nevertheless, we do observe thrusts close to the magnitude of the actual predictions after eliminating many possible error sources that should warrant further investigation into the phenomena. Next steps include better magnetic shielding, further vacuum tests and improved EMDrive models with higher Q factors and electronics that allow tuning for optimal operation. At worst case we may find how to effectively shield thrust balances from magnetic fields.

New results are interesting, but inconclusive.
This should be looked at further.

The author of any article claiming the EMDrive has been confirmed is either lying or hasn't read the paper.
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The struggle is real...

Via +Russ Abbott
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Current status of the movie theater projector
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I want my money back! lol
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Via +Leandro Lima
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Yes, there are more than 2: Top, bottom, versatile.  ;)
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A common conditions that is spreading fast across the land...
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