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Dan Domme
Acoustician and Film Photographer
Acoustician and Film Photographer

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Flight home in just a minute. Do I read Apocalypse World or do I read Doctor Strange? #ForcedLiesureDillemas

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I think every time I get upgraded to First Class, I end up reading The Dying Earth.

I just ordered a cassette tape. 

So, does anyone know of any alternatives to Lulu (for one-off printed hardbacks) that will let you choose a heftier paper? I can't get a good 70# there unless I pay for full color. 

I have a new aural hero and his name is Perturbator.

It is a big undertaking, but I've started reading Vance's Tales of the Dying Earth.

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Comin' at you from 1976!

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Oh yes.

Edit - Specs:
Bound in buckram, printed and blocked with a design by Sam Weber
Set in Dante with Helvetica Neue and Black Tulip display
576 pages; frontispiece, 11 colour illustrations and a number of black & white tailpieces
Endpaper map by Martin Sanders
Pictorial slipcase with a design by Sam Weber

Let's see if my copy of Fate Core sells.
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