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A spoiler-free blog about the movies -
A spoiler-free blog about the movies -

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116 Christmas Movies You Must See Before You Die (2016 update)
Well here we are again. This time last year I was finishing off my epic quest to find the best 101 Christmas films ever made. Now I'm back with an update to the list. I wasn't planning to do any more blogging for a long while, but over the last year I've co...

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The New York Times Best 1000 Movies Ever Made... My Top 40
Deep breath. I'm done. Every film on the list of The New York Times' 1000 Best Movies Ever Made , watched and ticked off. I started this latest epic quest immediately on the back of having completed the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list, so for t...

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Best Films of the Year 2016 (January-June)
"If you only see one film about Icelandic sheep farmers this year, make it this one..." And so we cross over the half way-point of our movie watching year. Thus far, a rather good year for film it's been too. Throughout the last month I've been catching up ...

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A Few Good Movies... about television network news & TV reporters
In 5, 4, 3, 2... Good evening and welcome to Cuemarks Broadcast News, I'm Don Cameron. The main headline tonight... riots have broken out in my head after I successfully finished watching twenty one movies and a three series TV show about television news, a...

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The Great Directors... Martin Scorsese: Part 2 (1978-1990)
Continuing my quest to watch Martin Scorsese's entire directorial catalogue in chronological order. See the box in the right column for links to the other parts. The Last Waltz (1978) THIS FILM SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD! That's your introduction to the film, in...

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Blindspot Series: In the Name of the Father (1993)
Bloody Sunday. Hunger. The Art of Conflict. The Devil's Own. The Crying Game. '71. What ties these titles together is they are all set around 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland. Like World War II, and especially the Holocaust, it seems to be an endlessly fa...

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Forget Netflix, MUBI is the future of cinema...
Imagine a Netflix-type film streaming service with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. That's exactly what MUBI is, and if you've never heard of it or tried it, I think it's a far more interesting proposition for film aficionados, cinephiles and ge...

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DVD Rental Provider Face-Off: Lovefilm vs Cinema Paradiso
I watch an awful lot of movies. Some would say too many, but those people are wrong. As my season of movies about the movies comes to an end, I thought I’d go a little off-piste by reviewing the DVD rental providers I use to consume all the movies I get thr...

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A Few Good Movies... Netflix Originals reviewed
The future of cinema is Netflix. Or at least it could be, and that’s what I wanted to find out. The money Netflix is throwing at film and television production right now is huge, and their commissioning of original films and buying up the distribution right...

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Blind Spots Series: Judgement at Nuremberg (1961)
Courtroom dramas are possibly the closest that cinema gets to a live stage play, with events mostly contained within a small space and a focus predominantly on dialogue rather than action. Sometimes they’re mediocre (Fracture), sometimes they’re good (A Few...
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