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Julia Isabel

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The Moon Song ☾
I often find myself in most times of the night, when I'd finally get out of the house where I spend most of my time cooped up in, and stare at the moon or stars.  I think space is such an extremely cool and beautiful place. Extremely huge, yes, and still ex...

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Trouble in Paradise [ a holiday photo diary ]
» i forgot to post this blog post, it had been sitting in my drafts for ages but i haven't the time to post it. here it is. a very long,  overdue blog post. hope you enjoy it!  On the last week on February, my family & I (most specifically my brother and pa...

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Flu & I
So maybe I went a little overboard and too punny and corny with the title, but hey, I laugh at my own jokes and puns anyways. I thought I'd write a little update blog post.  Currently, I am sat by the living room, mouth-breathing (due to not being able to b...

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January: Instagram photo diary.
As it is now January 29 (today), and we are nearing the end of January, I thought I'd do an a slight recap of this month. January has been a really great month to me, and makes me hope for a lot more great months ahead this 2014. (fingers crossed x) This mo...

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vlog numero uno of sinulog 2014

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I know that everyone struggles finding motivation or inspiration to get out there and do things, so I thought, maybe I could help in some sort of way. 2014 could be the year where you can finally get out of that stupid comfort zone and start thinking outsid...

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2014 // New mix: tracklist
Wowowow. I haven't updated this blog since... last year? [Okay that was lame and corny, I'm sorry.] But it's really 2014, huh? That's crazy.  I guess time flies when you're having too much fun. I want to thank my friends (aka my followers yeaaa buddy, we're...

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The Wire
You know you're a completely rubbish blogger when every time you post an overdue blogpost, it mostly starts out with an apology. Whoops. Sorry. (I think I should really stop apologising.) Anyways, YAY, new blogpost. I finally went outside of the house. And ...
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