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I am using form mule at my school as a Study Hall System.
The teachers fill out a form and the Form Submit trigger is on so parents get an email when a student does not complete a HW assignment. 
The teacher who runs the study hall adds to the spreadsheet if the student attended Study Hall at lunch. Using a drop down menu in the cell, I want an email to generate when a NO is put into that cell.
I tested it, but the emails do not automatically send when the send condition is met.
Is it possible to have a send condition met when the information is added to the spreadsheet, but not on the form submit?
Or is it possible to have the trigger be form submit & Time Trigger? The Form Submit would be from the teachers and the Time Trigger Would catch the send conditions met from the Study Hall teacher.

Is there a way to have the email sent at a specific time based on some data in the form submission? If I want to use this to send reminders to students for an event they signed up for on a specific day, can I have the email sent two days before the event happens? 

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Similar to John Warf, I have multiple forms coming into a single spreadsheet. Each form creates its own tab in the spreadsheet.
I want to use copyDown on all the tabs in the sheet. When copyDown is loaded on another tab, it wants to discover the formulas that are on a tab that already has copyDown on it, and not the new tab.
Will copyDown work on all tabs in a single spreadsheet?

Or is there a way to have all forms dump into a single tab in a spreadsheet?

Andrew- we love SiteMaestro for eportfolios at our school. We are unrolling them this week and cannot wait.
Is there a similar tool that you have (maybe in the works) that will do the same thing for Blogger? We would love to push out a template for blogger to our students instead of having them create their own individually.

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