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The Adventures of Clara Bow
The official Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon page
The official Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon page

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I'm currently working on the sequel, Clara Bow and the Staff off Aaron. Read about the first book on the official Clara Bow website.

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Clara Bow & the Seal of Solomon - The Book Trailer!

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Can you believe I typed Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon on this diddy little netbook? It's true! All 114,000 words typed with this little chap on my lap. I am ashamed to say after all that hard work he has been relegated to a draw, since I got his bigger brother. So to make up for it, he's getting a moment in the spotlight! Thanks little dude!

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Your words in my book!

Details of my competition to find a short story to add exclusively to the print edition of Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon have just gone up on my website, linked below.

I'm looking for a short story, no longer than 2000 words, no less than 1500. It must be an action adventure set in the 50's. Beyond that there is no restriction, it's entirely up to you who is involved and what happens. The only limit is your imagination.

The competition is open to entries from 12am 18th June 2012 and will close at 12am on the 1st July 2012.

Click on the website for full terms and conditions and to find out how to enter.

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This is the Clara Bow Pinterest board, reflecting images that influenced the first novel, or will inspire future instalments.

Tick, tick, tick. Tock tock tock. Gracious, thought Clara, what an irritating clock. How long have I had it and never realised how loud it was? Tick, this is your life, tock, slowly ticking away, tick, what a dull, dull life, tock.

'The knowledge of the world must be contained here,' Clara marvelled as she began to walk past the shelves, running her finger over the book spines.
'No, that's the Internet,' Lisa replied nonchalantly, 'now what were those books we were looking for?'

'If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?'
The song ended and the room was thick with silence. Everyone contemplative; letting the bittersweet lyrics soak in.

Clara would have been twenty when Elizabeth became Queen! Amazing to think of the events our elders have experienced, things many of us only know of from books and TV. I believe it is always wise to get history from the mouths of those who experienced it first hand. I regret not talking more to my own Grandmother about the life she led. Her name is Muriel and I dedicated this first novel to her because she was an inspiration for Clara. Amazingly she'll be 103 in August this year. Imagine, born before World War One! The list of human achievements since 1909 is vast and wondrous. Of course, the list of tragedy and atrocities are sadly nearly as vast.

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A big influence on Clara Bow and the Seal of Solomon was King Solomons Mine's. The book by H. Rider Haggard is an epic adventure about Alan Quatermain and his quest to help find the missing brother of a friend. This involves an epic trek through sweltering deserts, attacks by rampaging elephants, a deadly climb over mountainous terrain and eventually to warring tribes. It is here they adventurers discover the mines themselves, but only after getting stuck in the middle of a vast battle and facing the dangerous booby traps left to protect the precious stones. Written in 1885, it still feels surprisingly contemporary in its desire to thrill and entertain. Only some upsetting scenes about hunting elephants reveal its colonial origins.

Although the tone is very different, it is the idea of the unlikely hero, suddenly thrust into a world of danger that appealed to me as a child and still to this day.
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