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Group Project at Uni: Martin Maison Margiela Inspired Shoot
Our first project at uni was a group project, we were given a designer to research and then had to create a photoshoot in the style of that designer. The designer we were given was Margiela, I hadn't heard of them beforehand which made the research aspect o...

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ASOS Stylist Team
Megan Ellaby I like Megan's style as it's somewhat simplistic but has an exciting twist with the addition of eye-catching prints and mix-matching. On the ASOS website, she is quoted saying "I'm all about mixing up trends and making catwalk looks super weara...

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ASOS Project
We recently had a very exciting project at college where we partnered with ASOS to produce a skirt suited for their customers. My chosen decade of research was the 90s and within that decade I decided upon using the theme of technology. I enjoyed the illust...

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M.A.C Cosmetics Marketing Project: Done and Dusted!
This is quite a delayed post as our M.A.C project ended quite a few weeks ago, but I just got my results back for the project today (which were very positive, yay!) so I thought I'd share with you what the whole thing was like and how it turned out! First o...

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My First Tattoo!
Two months after my 18th birthday in June, I finally got my first tattoo! I've been wanting a tattoo for so long, and I don't think I could be any more pleased about how it turned out! I love it! It was kinda tricky to get the full thing in a photo, but her...

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A Day At The Zoo: The Start Of A New College Project.
Our new college brief is here, and despite it being the summer holidays now, I've got a ton of work to do! Our new project is all about children's wear and playing around with prints. I'm actually really excited about designing clothes for children, it's so...

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Collar to Cuff Project: More Bag Development and Finished Bag!
 Here are some photos of my marketing bag, finally completed! My bag is based solely around one image I found of a moth, I chose this image as I found the colours and patterns of the moth really fun, and I thought there was a lot I could play around with. I...

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Collar To Cuff Project: Finished Shirt!
It took me awhile, but I've finally finished my shirt for my latest college project! This is the first time I've made something that I've designed, and I'm quite pleased with the final outcome. There's definitely areas I need to improve on with my sewing as...

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Fashion Marketing - Promotional Materials - Bag Making Progress
Recently I've started on making my promotional bag for my fashion marketing course, I've cut out the pattern pieces of my tote bag and have begun to dye them. Here are pictures of the body parts and strap parts of my bag, I've used a light layer of cracked ...
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