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Just this guy, you know?
Just this guy, you know?

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Probably my favourite episode of QI - for the single-atom theory, and for the ewoks for a start. Watch this, you'll thank me.

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I've been listening to the Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories on my now somewhat longer commute and they're excellent, so this is a welcome deal here...

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#TopGear Valentines for your sweetie 

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If you're interested in CSI type shows or criminal forensics in general, you'll find this article fascinating. There's also a thing on Netflix called "Of Dollhouses and Murder" that covers the woman mentioned here, and the incredible "Nutshell" dollhouse crime-scene studies she created.

Here's a question: Do I know anyone that lives in Sydney Australia? (A friend of mine is moving there.) The answer is, I don't think I do.

Here's a more experimental question: Do I know anyone who knows anyone that lives in Sydney? What about the people they know?

Here's an experiment: If you don't know anyone who lives in Sydney Australia, could you please Share this post to your G+ feed, asking if any of your friends know someone who lives there? If you're reading this and you do live in Sydney, could you please post a reply and let me know on whose feed you saw the post?

I'm curious now; how many jumps between me and someone on the other side for the planet? Thanks in advance!

Love your phone.

I love my phone. While i am pretty fond of my current phone (more about that later) what I mean is that I love my phone on principle. Lemme explain.

A cellphone is of course only useful if it is on your person.  How frequently it is on your person isn't really the point - perhaps its only when you leave the house, or just when you’re on a vacation, or maybe you keep it in arm’s reach 24/7 like so many of us do nowadays. The point is that when it is on your person, that should be a pleasant thing. You should love your phone.

You will be more inclined to use a tool you enjoy and so you get more use, and more value, out of a tool that you love. You should love your phone.

This isn't about the function of your phone, though of course that's important too. Maybe its about having cute stickers on your phone, or pictures of your kids, grand-kids, or just scenes you enjoy looking at. Make the ringtone and notification sounds something that makes you smile. Get a nifty case for it that you enjoy. Love your phone.

For some people having a lean, efficient tool makes it something they enjoy and it is of course difficult to love a tool that functions poorly and though to a degree that’s a different issue an associate at work was telling me that he hates his smartphone and enjoyed the simplicity of having a flip phone on a recent trip abroad - all he really does is talk on it anyway.  I encouraged him to get a flip phone - monthly cost is cheaper and so is battery power - because he should love his phone. You should love your phone.

More broadly this applies to everything that you carry around regularly. House keys with amusing patterns on them are a thing now, maybe a thing to make you smile.  I have a Star Trek wallet that amuses me every time I pull it out. Your cellphone is probably the big ticket item you carry around though. You should love your phone.  

No one wants to carry around something they dislike. Doing so brings a bad energy which has a negative effect on your overall quality of life, whereas carrying around something you enjoy does the opposite. 

You really should love your phone.

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Fix-it Felix Jr! 

I am in need of a toy hammer ASAP. Help!

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Using G+ as a blog gives me an excuse for this, too.
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