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Adam Hebener
Denver Mortgage Banker at Nova Home Loans I Speaker I Writer I Entrepreneur I Purveyor of Wisdom
Denver Mortgage Banker at Nova Home Loans I Speaker I Writer I Entrepreneur I Purveyor of Wisdom

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Pre-approval and a Pre-qualification are not the same! Learn the difference.

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Attention people with underwater mortgages, this one's for you! I put together a video and a Cheat Sheet on the Goverment's new HARP program for you. Video is below. Cheat sheet is here:
Forward this on to anyone you might know who is upside down in their home.

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Hey, Occupy Wallstreet gang. A couple of questions for you from 30 years ago.

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Crossposting is a really good way to keep your blog dynamic and findable by search engines. Check out this cool new plugin that makes it easy with my favorite site, wordpress!

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Sometimes when we hear about something so much, we become deaf to it. The Geek debt default is like that, bottom line, it's going to happen. Greece still has added no private sector jobs and is in the midst of major protests over the elimination of government jobs. The reason we're tuning it out is because we don't know what to do about it. One silver lining will be a likely reduction in mortgage interest rates. It's hard to say what's built into the market, but I agree with this guy, it isn't fully built in...more to come. Any ideas out there?

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oh man, this is nasty. This is what you get from chewing through all of these new government regulations. Not cool...This guy must be a mortgage banker

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Just thought of an innovative way to use images in Google+ to deliver a marketing message, tell a story or educate others. Think about using the "Album" feature almost like a slideshow presentation.

What do you think? How can you use this?
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My G+ circles are really growing, so far I think G+ kills fb in every user interface category, the question in my mind is how do
we make google+ local? What do you think?
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