Hello, all!  Just now jumping in.  I'll admit- I've been lurking.  My son, Devan, and my daughter, Maya, and I set out to map the "Anyday" Adventure we take every week.  There's a path that follows the railroad tracks though Henderson, Nevada.  We walk there every week.  We stopped to draw points of interest, such as the flooding channels and the desert plants.  Amazing how much you notice when you take the time!  I imagined that goblins lived in the channels and under the bridge, but my 6-year-old informed me that they don't exist.  What?  There are also mounds of dirt (we prefer to call them mountains) and plants with strange beans (we call them magic beans).  Little bats begin hunting bugs at dusk.  Maya is the hard-core biker that struck out ahead of us on her own (that's why she's part of the scenery and Devan and I aren't).  I came home and water-colored it.  
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