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Building software, loving my family, defending New Orleans
Building software, loving my family, defending New Orleans

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+NIA Ops anything we can pass on to the communities we support? The defect is definitely widespread and recurring.

"This uninstalling reinstalling app thing is getting old"

"I had no problems with my android until I went down I-59. I think I was speed locked. I tried to restart and kept getting an error. I came home, got on wifi, and it worked fine. Damn green portal is still green. grr"

"Same here. Well, once. A few days ago. And a few minutes later, without doing anything, it was working fine"

"Few were yesterday..myself included...i waited about 10min and worked...other said they had to reinstall"

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You can remove the statues of racists from your city but no matter how hard you try, you can't quite get them out of these alternate realities.

Guess it really is a Lost Cause.
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Whoa! Sitrep says that there must have been leaks from ENL Vanguard agents!

And they are also asking for postponement/cancellation of Yogyakarta anomaly?!
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When Niantic gave in to the whining lying ENL hypocrites from CleanIngress pushing their scorched earth agenda so they could get attention, they set the stage for everyone to make lists and declare every tool cheating and justify their harassment online and in-game.

Still seeing harassment in COMM about bullshit accusations from the Broker's Guild and RIOT nonsense. Harassment from ENL agents themselves caught using multiple accounts IN GAME.

And in the meantime, I'm watching the same old ENL guardian hunters kill the same old portals owned by the same targeted agents as they get closer to 90 and 150 days.

Talking about Ingress isn't playing Ingress.

It's time to move, agents!
It's a bit shocking how toxic this community has become. Many of us have experienced harassment in private and had it overlooked - but Niantic is now blatantly encouraging public accusations of cheating and doxxing.

Where does it end?
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Oh dear.

Someone somewhere appears to be going on about Resistance tools again?

Talking about Ingress is not playing Ingress.
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Do you know what it means to misunderstand the calendar in New Orleans?

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Wow, apparently ENL Germany have been making some really cool changes to their scanners. And here we are waiting for some events, some kind of anime reboot of an impenetrable storyline and V2.0 which is apparently just some eye candy and animations.

It would be funny to say: "let them eat cake" but they already used something called cakemod, so I'll just say #breadandcircuses
There is a new investigation on the continued misconduct of some enlightened players from Berlin, Germany.
They use a Xposed module called #CakeMod.

+NIA Ops received the data 3 months ago and has not yet responded.
That is why the material is now being published.

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Apparently, the messaging from Niantic hasn't been consistent lately. (Or ever)
+Ingress +Niantic +Andrew Krug +Gabriel Stricker

tl;dr The communication surrounding your premier events is secondhand, inconsistent, and--frankly--terrible. It shows that you don't #RespectThePlayers of Ingress the way that you should, and you need to improve your player communication now.

Long version:
The following sequence represents the best information you've given your players about the next set of Anomaly Events over the past 4 months. Please keep in mind, these events are attended by your most ardent players, involve a LOT of volunteer planning, and thousands of agents spend lots of money to attend.

Sept 4
Global Community Manager AMA
W9Q19: Will there be a Q1 2018 Anomaly Series?
W9A19: I haven't heard that there won't be Anomalies in Q1 2018.

Sept 26
Global Community Manager AMA
W12Q7: Tim Fitzpatrick (Photofitz) - Will there be anomalies in Q1 and Q2 of 2018?
W12A7: I hope so!

Nov 13
Global Community Manager AMA
W18Q59: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - Is there an anomaly series planned for Q1 2018?
W18A59: Yes.

Dec 19
Global Community Manager AMA
W22Q12: Posh Chang - When will be announced Q1 XM Anomaly?
W22A12: We are working on a few things internally and are not ready to comment on any Q1 events. Hopefully this will be resolved this week or next.

W22Q160: Rafał “Sato88” Sabat - Some time ago You said we will have anomalies in Q1 2018, when do You plan to announce them?
W22A160: Ideally this week or next so people have time to plan.

Jan 8
Global Community Manager AMA
W23Q2: James Green (jkg5150) - Any news on those Q1 anomalies?
A2: Nothing at this time.

Jan 21
Brisbane NL-1331 Event (Q&A paraphrased):
36. Anomalies?
I think people will be really happy really soon, we recognise that you need long lead times, if what happens occurs, I’m excited for it, because you’re going to have a roadmap and you’ll know what’s going to happen.m Some people say that if we announce things too far in advance… you have to keep the energy up, etc.

Jan 27
Melbourne NL-1331 Event (Q&A paraphrased):
6. If this was April 1st and there hadn't been another anomaly, would you be surprised?
Define anomaly... I would be surprised if there wasn't any sort of event. I can't tell you whether it's a traditional anomaly, or some other event.

7. Something other than mission days?
You'll know in the next couple weeks

Over the course of 4 months, we are told that 'there's no reason to believe there won't be Anomaly events', then flatly told "yes" there will be, then given a timeline for when those events will be announced, which subsequently flies by, followed by another promise of "soon".

Either you're unable to plan a few months in advance yourselves, or you're providing bad/unreliable information to your Global Community Manager. Neither option reflects well upon you.

As a player, as a planner, as an Ingress fan--this is beyond frustrating.

We, as players of both factions from all around the world, ask that you provide regular, clear communication from official sources regarding the cadence and timing of Anomalies, and then stick to it or clearly explain why things have changed.

You're not a startup on a shoestring budget anymore. All we want is for you to #RespectThePlayers by communicating clearly.
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The problem is people: cheating people, incompetent people, whatever.

The solution is people: vigilant people with tools.

There is not ever going to be a technological silver bullet. PoGo doesn't offer a way forward. PoGo is dominated by spoofing and there is no COMM to have any situational awareness about actions going on.
2018 - Year of the Spoofer

As 2017 ended with agents debating and arguing Terms of Service down to the details of screenshots of IITC, another group laughed.

This group hides in the shadows, sometimes connected and sometimes working alone. They commit one of the greatest sins in Ingress - spoofing. Sitting usually at the comfort of a mouse click or phone tap, these agents execute commands through others or take matters into their own hands causing the destructions of thousands of portals daily without actually being there.

This is destroying Ingress, as it has, for the past few years. For those who live in areas where they don't experience this behavior, I wish I could go back to those days. This story is for those who day in and day out play around nefarious actors.

The days are gone where spoofers play uncontested for months on end and for that I'm grateful. Tickets are generally closed in around 48-72 hours with one massive caveat - you need a Trusted Reporter.

Despite what an AMA or NIA Ops says, reports without a Trusted Reporter can in more than 40% of the time not result in a ban. That same exact ticket passed through a TR will result in a successful ban. I don't know why this is when the staff closing these tickets are the same, but this is our first problem.

Agents believed "mass" reporting was the solution to ineffective tickets before Trusted Reporters were launched. The nefarious actor and details were passed far and wide in hopes for the mass amount of reports to resolve the ticket. This appeared to work, but not really, as plenty of reports were closed with no action as communities wondered which ticket was the lucky one to ban the account.

Trusted Reporters were the answers to this ticket spam. No longer did hundreds of people have to spam the ticket system with the same ticket hoping for the savior of Ingress Support to end an account before their entire cell of durable portals were wiped. Specific agents on both factions around the world gained the ability job to hold Niantic's ear closer with amazing success in removing these malicious agents from our playbox.

With accounts being banned in early as 4 hours after a TR report, long time spoof accounts that had black hack badges and a long history of stats were slowly falling. With accounts falling fast and portals being returned to their original color by Niantic, perhaps there was a light at the end of a tunnel.

The tunnel collapsed unfortunately. With such great strides in removing malicious actors, those actors just evolved their ways and now it's time for Niantic to do the same.

Accounts that have never done a public action are the new thing. These accounts level up solely from hacking & glyph hacking, killing their assigned portal showing the first 8 resonators killed on their profile. A completely automated procedure I imagine with an infinite bank of accounts ready to go when an agent needs a portal killed.

These accounts stats are beyond laughable. Sometimes having 0km walked but a platinum hack badge.

Next we move onto the "on-demand" spoof account. The instant a target is identified, this account finds the nearest "cluster" of portals and begins leveling up. Perhaps entirely automated fielding/linking/hacking until it reaches its required level for the target. This bot then either ultra strikes each resonator with precision, fires a flip card or unloads weapons until dead.

This account had 1 purpose, created for 1 thing and completed its task. Who knows how many accounts fail their task, because we only see the ones that succeed.

Moving on we have the "pair" spoof accounts. These accounts start at the same time in some combination of RES/ENL alike. They have common areas around the globe which you can discover if you study the map. These are areas are all over and I bet you know a few.

Havana, Cuba is my nearest cesspool of cheating. A cemetery full of portals in 3 different languages submitted by agents thousands of kilometers away to build the perfect cluster to level up fake accounts. Accounts start at the same time, linking and fielding doing actions that confuse myself and even Intel. A mix of portal claimed comm messages, but only a few destroys. Something isn't right, but not for the accounts involved. They sit and level with others until they reach L6+.

Not more than 5 minutes away, these accounts have an on demand farm of L8 portals, built by bots, recharged by bots and modded by bots. Accounts place mods on demand that other bots rip off accelerating the process that accounts can level while destroying any proof as flip cards are heavily used. If not owned, portals are left empty with usually just one agent of the bunch leaving evidence behind. This was 1 day and now we watched 4-8 accounts prepare for battle.

Who knows where these accounts go. They sit down for the long sleep and await their call to battle. Reporting them is useless because they haven't done anything in the eyes of Niantic. Sometimes their accounts show up banned, but they are not. They touch the gameboard on 1 account, issue an account rename and wait. Only Niantic can detect renames, but they are enough to fool the ill informed agent as they appear banned until they make their mark on the world under a new name.

There is an endless bunch of talented, smart scumbags who day in and day out monetize this game for the destruction of it and they are winning. Niantic you need to evolve and I can only hope that Prime will do this.

If you want the screenshot area below:,-82.39583&z=16

#Ingress +Ingress+NIA Ops+John Hanke
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Appeal Category: Rejected Takedown
Portal Title: Violet Post Office
City, Region and Country: Violet, LA, United States
Lat/Long: 29.899372,-89.901177
Ingress Intel Link:,-89.901177&z=17&pll=29.899372,-89.901177
Reason/comments: Post Office does not exist

Clearly no building there:

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