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Building software, loving my family, defending New Orleans
Building software, loving my family, defending New Orleans

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Google's myriad messaging apps: Which are best for you?

Read my column: )

Is Google a good choice for communication? With the exception of email, Google is not considered a leader in person-to-person communication apps and services. Skype, owned by Microsoft, tops the video calling space. Facebook dominates social media. Slack leads business chat-room messaging. WhatsApp rules mobile messaging. And besides the big platforms from the big companies, hundreds of startups have created appealing and innovative communications apps and services.

Google lags for a variety of reasons. Among these are confusion and uncertainty -- confusion about which app to use, uncertainty about whether Google will terminate any given product.

Google offers 12 communications apps and services. Alphabetically, these are: Allo, Chat, Gmail, Google+, Groups, Hangouts, Inbox, Messenger, Duo, Project Fi, Spaces and Voice. If you look at the various communication actions you might want to take -- voice calls, video calls, email, text messaging and social posting -- Google has at least two offerings for each.

It's confusing. But there are great reasons to choose Google products for communicating.

Here's everything you need to know to understand, choose from, and make the best use of Google's many communications apps and services:

#GoogleAllo #GoogleChat #GoogleGmail #Google+ #GoogleGroups #GoogleHangouts #GoogleInbox #GoogleMessenger #GoogleDuo #GoogleFi #GoogleSpaces #GoogleVoice

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Google (or perhaps this is some other division of Alphabet that is responsible for this but which doesn't have a proper identity) is floundering, and not just on the messaging front.
Google Talk, Hangouts, YouTube Messages, Google Voice, Allo, Duo, Google Messenger, etc, etc, etc.
I think I know more people without a Facebook Account, than people without a Google Account. Still Facebook does an excellent job at connecting its users, while Google only segregates them.
I personally think Google Voice should be the one app Google should keep as its messaging platform and get rid of the rest. Why? Because Google Voice is the only messaging app that offers something that no other offers. 

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Updated my price comparison spreadsheet to reflect some of the new stores advertising in the game as well as updated pricing on the stores I had previously surveyed.

No obvious economic trends. Some had some notable changes on some items, both up and down.

It wouldn't appear that the cost of advertising in game or any other underlying economic factors like cost of farming or MUFG duplication rates have changed significantly to make an impact on prices.

One store appeared to have a name change with redirect (not sure why).

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Sorry if this is unobtanium for everyone. But it's my favorite.

+# RobWear
+Robert Vaughan​

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Because of the wonderfulness (NOT) of Google+ and Google Photo Album, you may not have seen the awesome stuff you can get for donating to Animal Rescue New Orleans which was in my post about Mimosa Day.

If you want the awesome 3-card set from Mimosa Day 2016 PLUS the button and stickers still left over from Mimosa 2015, simply send me a screenshot showing your donation of $5 or more to ARNO and I will mail them to you.

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November 13, 2016 brought us another amazing Mimosa Day in Crescent Park and the charity chosen by the Blue Voodoo was Animal Rescue New Orleans.

While mimosas were served by our local and visiting BRRN reps to all our visitors, special packs of 3 collector cards were handed to all agents who showed us that they donated $5 or more to ARNO. As last year, we also collected cash for people who didn't have time to donate online.

Between the cash collected for that, the money Blue Voodoo would have paid for the cards (themselves donated by a generous agent), the extra money left over from the BRRN agents who funded the champagne and orange juice and whatever was in the tip jar, agents directly raised $652.51 - that's not counting the money we encouraged agents to donate directly on ARNO's web site.

This was a great follow on to the successful inaugural Mimosa Day in 2015 where we sent over $800 to Save our Cemeteries. Mimosa Day was conceived in 2015 as a way to show great hospitality, carry on the tradition of #MissionsForGood and kick off Mission Day in style.

Since we still have card sets and a few buttons and stickers left over from last year, if you send me a screenshot of YOUR donation of $5 or more directly to ARNO, I will send you a 2016 Mimosa Day 3-card set PLUS a bonus 2015 Mimosa Day button and sticker.


+Jenna McDaniel

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I have so many fun memories of anomalies in New Orleans. I can't wait to see all my friends from around the world. We've put together so many new things for this year, I can't wait to see it all come together.

Whether it's our exclusive invader and defender rewards, our crafting and printmaking and amazing swag or the quality of information getting to the teams about getting ready for the battle to come, it just feels like another great autumn anomaly in New Orleans.

It's going to be a beautiful night in a city where the spirits of the Blue Voodoo will com alive on the night of November 12.

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