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Ryan Olson
web developer, coffee lover, thing doer
web developer, coffee lover, thing doer

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Debug logs. Super helpful yet super annoying to look at and sometimes try to find what you need to. Well, if you have not heard of it yet let me introduce you to Pimp my log. Just as its title suggests, this app gives you a much better view of all your…

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Wrote a post about the stuff I use to do the stuff I do, good times :)

Analysis Paralysis. 

Ever get stuck there?

Working on a big project and 2 issues have somehow arisen for me:

1. There are so many ways to build things, and I find myself "worrying" about doing it the correct (read: best way possible) and am thus making myself stagnant. I am in this rut of wanting to be sure it is perfect, as if that is possible. This code will be responsible for running hundreds of sites, but what if I make mistakes and it is not the best it can be?

2. Bouncing around on sub-tasks. This may be related to the larger anxiety issue above, I cannot get traction on any task because I start to think of another aspect to address. "Oh, maybe i'll try this!" Then bounce over there for 10 minutes before thinking, "hmm, what about this..."

Now, I am not new to this industry, been doing this going on 10 years now, I have no idea why this suddenly surfaced. Has anyone else dealt with similar circumstances? What do you do to traverse them? Would love to hear your thoughts. 


Are there any good plugins, I do not mind if I have to pay, for a MultiSite network that allow users to see at least some +Google Analytics in the dashboard area? +Joost de Valk 

On #WordPress and #SEO : Should you disable trackbacks and pingbacks on pages?

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Care to help with a #wordpress  question? Trying to figure out some custom roles and capabilities setup on a MultiSite network...

#SEO  question, for a site where a main menu has an item with children, but the parent item is just an anchor, what is best practice? Kill the link with JS? Have it link to an "overview" page? Somehow change it to list item? (This is in #WordPress  )
+Moz +Joost de Valk 

Question on #seo  A company is filling the meta description with just "call us at xxx for all your xxx needs in city" on just about every page. Is that crap or what? Shouldn't the description be used to describe the page?
+Moz +Joost de Valk 

So where can I find a list of posts that I have "plussed" on here? 

Who is going to +fluentconf this week??
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