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Will Google+ have an effect on blogging? Undoubtedly. Will it kill blogging? Of course not.

One question: Do you remember Quora?
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I for one would be very sad to see blogs go away. I find them to be the best place for "quiet" reflection, where you can think, write, cite, and then present to the society for feedback - a good example for social constructionism.
Every new social platform is always said to kill blogging. So far none of them have. Blogging is where content is created. Twitter, Google+ is where it is shared. Although the feedback on Google+ adds a new dimension and one that should add value to blogs. BLOGGING IS NOT DEAD YET! :)
To some extent Google plus is essentially a microblogging/lifestreaming platform. As you wrote, it will change blogging but don't see how blogging will go away.
Speaking of which, is there a share this on google+ link yet? Or going the other way, a way to share google+ conversations on your blog? 
It would be great if you could connect G+ with blobs. Comments on G+ auto load to blog. Resharing auto loads to blog. Ability to share G+ with wordpress to create a new post. Ability to record hangout and post to blog. And I still really like the idea of hashtags. Makes it easier to follow along and find new people with same interest.
Hi +Alisha Miles, if you have a blogger blog, I have seen that you can connect your G+ posts to that blog (use the mobile post by email feature). You can also inidirectly connect your G+ shares with your wordpress or posterous or tumblr blogs, except in these situations, you need to use a note taking app or something comparable (a free account with Evernote works well). Use the evernote to post to your blogs. A little bit of work, but I guess worth it, besides, you need to be careful while you use G+ to directly post to your blogger/blogspot account. G+ posts your secret email address out in the open if you use it as a direct posting link. Best option is to post as a draft and configure it from the editorial area in blogger account. Not sure about the comments, I guess write it in a text editor and copy paste would be one way I think. No easy solution that at least I have found. Please share your findings.
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