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Ves Dimov
Allergist/Immunologist at Cleveland Clinic
Allergist/Immunologist at Cleveland Clinic

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How to Grow Fig Trees
From HortTube with Jim Putnam: "This video contains details on how to plant and grow fig trees. These large growing fruiting plants can reach as high as 25 feet in height. There are many varieties of fig trees, but maintenance is similar on most. These low ...

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Even short term use of oral steroids (less than 30 days) linked to increased risk of severe infection (sepsis), blood clots and fracture
One in five American adults in a commercially insured plan were given prescriptions for short term use of oral corticosteroids during a three year period, with an associated increased risk of adverse events. Of 1.5 million adults, 21% received at least 1 pr...

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Non-allergic rhinitis (NAR) occurs in absence endonasal infection and sensitization to inhalant allergens
A significant number of patients suffering from persistent rhinitis are defined as non-allergic non-infectious rhinitis (NANIR) patients, often denominated in short as having non-allergic rhinitis (NAR). NAR is defined as a symptomatic inflammation of the n...

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There are patients with "gluten sensitivity" in whom neither allergic nor autoimmune mechanisms can be identified
From BMJ : It is now becoming clear that, besides those with coeliac disease or wheat allergy, there are patients with gluten sensitivity in whom neither allergic nor autoimmune mechanisms can be identified. It has been estimated that, for every person with...

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"Gluten sensitivity" may be caused by FODMAPs in everyday foods: Fructose in fruit, Lactose in milk, Galactans in beans, Polyols in chewing gum
FODMAPs is an acronym for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. FODMAPs are sugars that draw water into the intestinal tract. They may be poorly digested or absorbed, and become fodder for colonic bacteria that produce ga...

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Japanese guidelines for allergic diseases 2017 - free, open access funded by Japanese Society of Allergology
The Japanese Society of Allergology offers a set of review articles in the journal Allergology International (AI) Vol. 66, Issue 2, covering the Japanese Guidelines for Allergic Diseases 2017. This issue will be of great help to both clinical and basic inve...

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Eurovision 2017 - what are your favorite songs?
Here are some of the more popular ones: The full list is here: Eurovision 2017 - Official Music Videos

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How to be happier at your workplace: from employee, and from employer, perspective
Robert Steven Kaplan has addressed these 2 topics in 2 Google talks and 2 books, they are linked below. I developed 2 sheets based on the ideas from the talks, embedded below. How to be happier at your workplace: from employee perspective: Robert Steven Kap...

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Tropical fruit trees tolerant to flooding
Here are the tropical fruit trees that are tolerant to flooding according to University of Florida: Tolerant to flooding: Guava Sapodilla Caimito Coconut Grafted citrus Moderately tolerant to flooding: Lychee and Longan ‘Tahiti’ lime Canistel Mango Carambol...

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Chronic urticaria -- “Agony of Hives” -- is the focus of World Allergy Week 2017 (2-8 April)
Understanding Chronic Urticaria Is the Focus of World Allergy Week 2017: World Allergy Organization says there is hope for the “Agony of Hives”. From World Allergy Organization (WAO) press release (Milwaukee, WI. March 9, 2017): WAO, together with its membe...
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