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Tina Willis
Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorney, Very Focused On Getting Each Of My Clients The Most Money Possible
Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorney, Very Focused On Getting Each Of My Clients The Most Money Possible


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Uber Accident Lawyer

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What Happens After An Uber Or Lyft (RideShare) Accident?

Uber & Lyft are making big news for many reasons, which has not gone unnoticed by personal injury lawyers.

So my latest post explains some of the concerns & issues involving Florida Uber & Lyft drivers, accidents, and insurance policy issues.

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What Has Been Missing From Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 News Coverage?

Well, this:

#southwest #Flight1380
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Being a lawyer is not an easy job but it can be very rewarding. You have to decide in which aspect of the law you want to specialize. Then you need to see if you have the necessary qualities and skills to become successful in this practice of law. After you finish your studies, you must follow a plan that will guide you in your professional journey.

For my latest expert roundup, I was hired by +Drugwatcher to reach out to 23 experienced lawyers to find out what are their best recommendations for new personal injury lawyers. Click the link below to find out what they had to say.
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Breaking Into Mediation Services

Congratulations to +Jeffery Robinette on his latest venture. I don't know how he's going to find time to do more, but apparently they have a plan.

Keep doing great things!
The Morgantown Mediation Center, an elegant solution for all mediation and small conference needs in North Central West Virginia, will be available starting in August, 2018. Located in the Ridgeview Business Park, the center is convenient to I-68 and I-79. Parking is free and fully accessible. Three conference rooms are available in the Mediation center, and up to six separate rooms can be booked for your next legal mediation or settlement conference. Learn more: #conferencefacility #meetingfacility #mediation #conferencerooms #legalmediation #mediator #westvirginia #morgantown #morgantownwv
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Have You Ever Wondered What It Takes To Qualify For Disability Payments?

This post by NY social security lawyer +Kenneth Hiller of +Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller explains the impairment ratings used by the U.S. Social Security Administration, when approving (or denying) applicants.

If you are curious, please take a look!
In this video(, we talk about the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments. These specific medical disorders have been recognized by the SSA as causing total disability. This is not a complete list of all the disorders that qualify a person for Disability Benefits. Also, having one of these listed impairments does not necessarily mean you will automatically be approved for benefits. It only means you do not have to go through an additional step of proving your inability to work.

If you or a loved one are considering filing for disability, please contact us today at 800.300.2990 to schedule a free consultation or visit for more information.
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Do you have uninsured motorist (UM) auto insurance coverage?

If not, you should. This is the only coverage that protects you if the other driver has no coverage, or insufficient coverage. Make sure you buy enough to pay for medical care & lost wages, should you become unable to work, and lose your job , and need extensive, perhaps lifelong care.

This article discusses some of the benefits of having UM coverage in more details.

Shared by my friend & outstanding St. Louis Missouri car accident lawyer, +Christopher Hoffmann.

#StLouis #Missouri #CarAccident #Lawyer
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