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One of the most common problems, Dr. Steinberg see in his Schaumburg office is, heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Heel pain can hit all age groups, from teens to seniors, runners, walkers, hair stylists, wait staff and people who are up and down out of their office chairs, all day long. The one common trait all these people have, is an overly flexible arch. If you look at your own feet, it is usually not apparent. Dr. Steinberg sees it when he does a gait exam, as he watches you walk, and during a thorough foot exam. The good thing is the cause of heel pain is easily treated with prescription foot orthotics, stretching, icing, and a better shoe choice. There are two stages of heel pain; acute (1-4 wks) and chronic ( 4+ wks). If left untreated, acute heel pain quickly becomes chronic. As you might expect, it is easier to treat an injury, during its acute stage. Should you experience heel pain, when you first get out of bed in the morning, and it lasts f

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