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姫音ミカHimene Mika
I REALLY luv singin'...And I'm an anime OTAKU^^
I REALLY luv singin'...And I'm an anime OTAKU^^

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Hi guys~
I don't mean to brag...ok?
I thought I should share this story to everyone here... ^w^
The story is kinda funny, tho XD
There're vocaloids, fanloids, UTAUs, anime characters in the story!
And my UTAU, Himene Mika, is also in it, YAY~!!!
(I almost got killed by Lola (vocaloid) but luckily it's against her policy to attack kids like Rin...thanks Kagamine Rin, you saved my life XD))
(P.S: I'm NOT the author of the story)

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Yay halloween~ I'm sooooooooo excited! And I'm not dead yet, yay~
When I saw +Rosalie Del Duca 's post about the Costume contest I missed the Child contest? Oops... so I wanted to try taking part in it! 
To be honest, this is the first time I've ever taken part in a contest, so it's a big deal for me...YAY MY FIRST STEPS~~~~~!!!
So...I drew Mika in her witch costume... ^w^
What do you think?
Too bad I dunno how to draw digitally and I'm too busy to color it...;w; Anyway the costume's color scheme is orange and black so it's easy enough to picture it in your mind, I guess?

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Hey +Sombra Shadow ...SoNo recently appeared in the UTAU database(?)~!!! YAY~ SoNo gained some fame...I think...Good for her...(and you ^^)
Finally I'm not alone anymore~ :3

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How did Mika even appear here?
She hasn't have a voicebank yet! And not even released yet!
(I didn't make that page because I can't read kanji...)

Poll results~!!!
86% of the votes are "On my b-day (released publicly)"
So I'll release Mika's - NORMAL - voicebank on 7th January 2016~!!!
+Rosalie Del Duca Looks like you're stuck with her crappy - PROTOTYPE - voicebank for the medley...sorry...

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Poll time~!
So...I'm making the - NORMAL - (CV voicebank) for Mika (as some of you already knew) and I'm asking you guyz...when should I release it?
(Caution: the closer the deadline, the lesser time I'll have, and that means MAYBE it'll be more crappy...depends... :3)
Poll closes on July 23rd~!
votes visible to Public
End of August (privately released)
End of Sep or Oct (privately released)
End of Nov or Dec (privately released)
On my b-day (publicly released)
Other days (please comment :3)

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Heh...just went to Chibi Maker toying around...
And I've decided to make my UTAU, Himene Mika~
Well...these are the closest dress-up-stuff I could find in the dress up game...
So I made Angel Mika, Demon Mika & Melancholic Mika!
Sometimes my/her demon side scares me...
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Ok...I have a bad news...
My friend's UTAU, Pinku Aiko has been discontinued today...
I don't know why my friend did this...she said it's personal reasons so she wouldn't tell... QAQ
R.I.P Pinku Aiko...may you have plenty of mushrooms in UTAU heaven...

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Here's Mika's outfit for her part in the medley: Melancholic
(At her left arm, there should be a crown with the word "UTAU" below on the jacket...but we're looking from the front view, not the side half of it is hidden... :3)
+Rosalie Del Duca​ maybe you can use this art for the medley! When it's digitallized, of course...
But I can't ask +Hasami Akihana​ to do it...she's really busy so I don't wanna stress her there anyone in this community who can help me digitallize this? (With a transparent background, of course...! :D)
Thanks...whoever you are... :3

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So I decided to fill this up for fun...
...and...BINGO~!!! (1st column)
YAY~!!! :D
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