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Sumit Dey
Libran with a dash of Scorp, served with a platter of passion and reason.
Libran with a dash of Scorp, served with a platter of passion and reason.

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Dropping a different kind of knowledge on you all today. Things most of us involved in the social aspect experience but few ever want to openly talk about. Theres a darker side of Ingress sociality and I think it could be beneficial to check our reality.


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This sitrep is not just about an Ingress feat. Observe closely and you will find lessons of management strewn across the whole story. Make some time and read on...
#Enlightened   #ingress   #ENLIND   #OPBuddha   #Buddha   #worldrecord   #HeExtends  
+Niantic Project +Niantic Project +Ingress +Joe Philley +Pooja Srinivas +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +November Lima +Linda Besh +Brian Rose 
Operator’s Situation Report – Operation Buddha
(#Sitrep – #OPBuddha )
0845 hrs – 0930 hrs, 28th Feb’ 2015 

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world — above, below, and across — unhindered, without ill will, without enmity.” --- Gautama Buddha, The Enlightened One.

It was under a bodhi tree in Indian city of bodh gaya, Buddha attained Enlightenment and started his journey of sharing it with the world. With the same spirit of sharing  true enlightenment, we are proud to share with you our story of Op Buddha. A journey that took 7 long months, a journey which tested our focus and motivation, a journey which could have been abandoned if not for support we got from each other, a journey which was indeed worth taking! This is our experience behind the  Op, and the lessons we learned.

Chapter One: Be the inspiration not the blocker.

Just after Enlightened India did Op BudDhi, a world record breaking 5B MU op, we were feeling we are so superior. In order to hold on to our superiority and not lose it to our opponents, we set up strong plan to stop them by throwing various blockers. And yes we did a brilliant job in blocking our opponent. But as days became weeks, and weeks became months we soon realised the futility in stopping others from achieving what you have. It was like, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, putting blockers on the way to everest, so that others won’t climb everest again and they won’t lose their identity! When that realization struck us, we took a step back and dismantled our blocker team.

And that taught us our first lesson “Superiority is not in stopping others, but inspiring them to push their limits and achieve what you haven’t”.

Chapter Two: Set a goal and be vocal.

Weeks past and we all got engrossed in other things in life, and soon lost focus of our record. Around the same time, I saw a humbling but inspiring ted talk Never, ever give up. We realized how easy it was to boost own ego and make us feel we have achieved everything, while in reality we can do more. That phase brought up a hollowness. What should we do next? Are we going to sit on our past laurels and be done with it. Is it better to retire and move away? Why should we push our limits again? Since we knew at some point in time our goal will be surpassed, we started with a plan. We initially planned for 10B MU Op, but then changed it to 12B, and then 15B and finally 20B. Our layering also changed from 89 layers to max up to 112 layers.

When the Op was over we were well short of some of our targets. We did not make 100+ layers and we did not make 20B MU. Why? It was soon evident why. We never shared our goal with others, we never told the world what we are going to achieve. So it was easy for us to keep changing the target to suit our needs. So we dropped layers when we saw a minor obstacle, reduced the MU to make it easier for us etc! Contrary to that, last year, we had announced in an x-faction meet that we will be breaking 5B MU barrier, within three months. And for that Op, even though bigger barrier came our way, we never compromised on our goal. We were well focused and we delivered on what we set!
Lesson two: If you are serious of achieving something, define your goal and announce it to the world.

Chapter Three: What is more important? Your success or your values? 

As both the factions would know, this game has to be played with honor competing with each other on field. But it has been evident to both that much like spoofer, there is another set of agents who have got it wrong. They leak information from one faction to another, with the intention of helping, but in reality only ends up destroying the fun in the game.

We had been very badly bitten during recent times by leaks and we are sure the same would be true for our opponents too. Because of our bad experience, we had kept this entire plan a secret for a long time. After Resistance’s World Record Op, Unight16, we found sudden momentum and started including more agents. We kept adding agents except for one agent who many doubted to be a ‘leaker’, with no real proof. Just two days before for the Op, when we were sure we are executing it, we realised that we might actually be keeping an innocent agent out of the Op! We had an open debate in our Op group. By this time 8 months of effort had gone through, 220 keys were harvested from 7 cities by 15 agents, many version of the plan reviewed, weeks had been spent building tools, the plan was in place, the crosslink team was ready. We could just execute it without any risk or drama. It was evident - the question was - What was more important to us? The goal of achieving our dreams or living by our values?

More than the Op we did, more than the fields we made, we are proud of the fact that everyone stuck together and we included the agent into the Op.

Details of Planning

What it took to execute this op? Before we get on to the details, we would like to thank the agents who helped us achieve this!

Thanks Anuj for harvesting keys from Rourkela, six months back, while you were an L2 agent! I know it took 6+ months for you to see what we were upto, but glad you were still with us and were trying to power up couple of portals that we lost in Rourkela! 

Thanks Divyaansha, for getting first set of JSR keys! 

Thanks Prashant, for getting the tonnes of keys, which got us to add more valuable layers in JSR! 

Thanks Arjun, for setting the date of the Op by telling us you are visiting JSR on 27th & 28th! I am sure, we would not have done it, unless you had asked us to set that date! :-)

Thanks Anubhav, for those keys, sadly we have not used it [yet ;-)] as we had to switch cities! 

Thanks Aravind, we know this op should have happened many months back, blame the arti for the burnout! Hey we did use brilliant strategy to send Arti to its target, the only one to hit its target in India!

Thanks Abhinandan(NandX64), for all key transfer and also getting up Delhi after the artifacts! 

Thanks Vatsal, Delhi had awesome support team and you were clearly core to it.

Thanks to all Delhi agents. This was our first op together and we seriously rocked! :-)

Thanks Siddharth for being the continued force and motivation behind the Op. You held the ship on track, even when many had no clue about the Op!

Thanks Subhadip for being part of the first attempt, I know we all have real life and, you had to take care of yours!
Thank all Kolkata folks! You guys were brilliant during connected cell, and knew we were dealing with some really sharp agents!

Hyderabad folks, when you guys travelled 100’s of km to help field Pune during connected cell battle, we had decided we are not doing an Op without you. I am glad we held on to it, even with so many complication! 

Thanks Rohith(Hyddude) & Govind(UploadingVirus) for first taking up trip to Vijayawada and then agreeing to switch cities to Rajahmundry just 24 hours before the op!

Thanks Srujan(Monsape) for first taking up trip to rajahmundry and then agreeing to switch to Bhimavaram. Well you also agreed to travel to Wardha if required - our salutes to you! :-)

Thanks Ataullah, We knew we can always count on you!

Thanks JV Suresh, for coming up with the awesome fielding plan. You guys did 7 layers in 5 minutes as per plan!

Thanks Makrand & Brij, For stepping in to solve the biggest blocker of the entire Op at Wardha.

Thanks crazy Ankit and Vijay, You guys helped bring back the Hyderabad fields by taking down Itarsi! It was not the MU that mattered there, we knew it will be lesser, it was to include every city into the fielding path! Thanks!

Chennai & Tirupati:

Thanks Aravind (arurockzsz) clearing up crosslinks in tirupati at the time of op.

Thanks SudoAgent & KillCreek for being the EIS and taking complete load off Tirupati from us!

Thanks Suresh & Bala, for Handling Chirala and Vijayawada, which allowed us the ability to send more agents to Rajahmundry!


Thanks Naveen, Varun, Ashae, Ashik, Batman and whole of Bangalore team: You guys brought the focus back in took lot of load off planner!

Thanks Rajesh, for your support in crosslink planning and systematically handling all the tasks just before the Op. Was a pleasure operating along with you, you are the talent we discovered during this Op!

Thanks Dhandeep, I know I have called up many times just to threaten a “call off”. Frankly, if it wasn’t the full support from you it would not have happened! Also, thanks for suggesting the Coimbatore layering which added so much more fun!

Thanks Varun & Jayanth for handling the Globe crosslink on time!

Thanks Mayur, for guarding a dangerous portal! It might seem silly to just guard, but a cross link from there would have blocked 5 Billion mind units! You being there we were able to focus without fear.

Thanks Vinay, for taking down one neglected green cross link on time! Again, the fielding agents had nothing to field without your support!

Thanks Jayshree, Vaibhav, Adhithya, for coming back from retirement just to help us out! 

Thanks Bagepalli team, Manujnath, Ashik, Anshul, Shivani, Omkar, Sam, Jubin, Keshav, Keerthan, Gopi, Sk Dharesh and Akshay.

Thanks Whitefield team, Soumya, Moumita, Prajwal, Aishwarya, Naveen, Jasmin, Akhil, Ganesh, Monty, Tejus, Abhik, Mayur, Jayashree and Abhinav.


Thanks Shiras, for getting the keys 

Thanks Divyanshu, for coming back to handle the xlink. Hope this gives you inspiration to be back full time! ;-)

Details of Planning and Operating

We wish we could describe the effort that went into planning such an op keeping it interesting, but the fact is it is real hard to put them in words.

It took months of dedication on picking the right cities, right portals, right keys and send it to right places.

The planning would not have been possible without tools. We developed world class tools and techniques to execute an operation like this. We built new techniques to isolate the complexity of the execution from ground agents. Compared to last year, where agents required hours of training, we only required 5 minutes of time from each agent to know the procedure. We developed techniques to speed up layered Op.

Sadly, during all the chaos, we set a flawed process in place for giving commands, which we did not realize until it was too late. We missed 1.5B mu by missing an anchor completely! We also missed few guard link fields again due to the same issue.

Someone who has a sharp look at the gif generated should be able to see how we generated a shell, where links are sent by every city, but then the field does not happen as the last side of the triangle is yet to be closed. This shell helps us guard from any cross links that may happen. We believe it is the shell that saved us from a possible crosslink situation during the Op! 

Well, frankly on one side would like to share all the tools, and technique to the rest of the world and on the other side we have to hold on to our silly competitive nature and guard it against our opponents.

Attempting an Op like this is not easy. It is not walk in the park nor is it a easy fun thing. It requires serious commitment, with dedicated time and energy. During the planning phase, as a planner you will be faced with lot of questions and problems and not everything has a direct solution. Be prepared to move ahead with the hope that you will find the solution. 

When we were done with the Op, the first thing we realised was the ground agents were kick-ass but operator were below par. There was 100+ layers to manage, and we got something wrong. Having said that as a team we achieved a brilliant fete, yes it could have been 19B across checkpoint but that is for someone else to achieve it seems! 

After the Op, something just didn’t feel right! Fourteen billion was not sinking in, we were three agents sitting there on the operator table with all mess of sheets and paper work, laptops and mobiles. It was a shock that months of planning, numerous hangouts, tonnes of keys transferred, so many cross links identified and taken down, dozens of agents travelled to take down xlinks on the word that the op will happen, 60+ agents on ground, all equipped with the ingress gear, agent instruction sheets and a dream to conquer have finally done it! I (Djasdak) went and sat on the sofa, still thinking, hmm... op done… hmm. Well it took more than a day for this to sink in! It was fantastic achievement, it showed that persistence, commitment, obedience had finally paid off. 
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Operation K.O.

The Objective

Create multiple layers over the capital - New Delhi (AS14 FOXTROT-06) with field agents operating from 4 cities.

Operation Statistics

MU count: 1.1B
Layers: 30
Cities: 4
Cumulative Distance Travelled: 750 kms

Dawn broke on the 1st of February 2015 just like any other Sunday. It promised to be lazy, spent over brunches, laughter and long talks. But for some Enlightened agents the day promised more. In a coordinated effort which lasted nearly 12 hours with BAFs and a multi-million MU count, the agents created 30 layers spanning 8 cells and covered all of Delhi NCR in a sea of green. 

The following is the story behind a job well done.

It all started on a cold winter night in December over a discussion between agents @GreenPresident, @riverwild and @theblue9422bond. After a few consecutive RES fields were created from a city less than 25 kms from New Delhi, the ENL were tired of simply undoing their work. But they also noted that none of the those fields covered Delhi. They went outward. The risks were low. 

Resolving to do better, a bold and intricate plan was drawn-up to cover this highly active cell with a green field. The cell was AS14 FOXTROT-06. This would mean weeks of planning, identifying agents to travel and coordinating with multiple cities to ensure the fields went up from everywhere possible. In stepped agent @BoyWithNoName.


@BoyWithNoName along with myself and @xiiifriday, laid out a plan to put on layers using Panipat, Karnal and Jaipur and Neemrana with Kanpur as the main anchor. This continued in sync with the work of harvesting and exchanging inventory with agents travelling between the aforementioned cities to ensure that things went smoothly and everyone had the required number of keys.


Neemrana Team

For the Neemrana team, the op officially began at 10:30 am from Greater Noida.  They went about destroying blue cross-links before leaving for their port of call. 

@GreenPresident improvised on the plan, suggesting they throw a preliminary link from Gurgaon to Agra, acting as a preventive blocker which would be undone at the last moment.

Meanwhile, agent @nandx64 positioned himself in Greater Noida in order to tackle any possible blocker originating from there.

Panipat Team

At noon the trio of @BoyWithNoName, @euphoricsaint and @Dey21 left for Panipat. The first order of business was to take out blue blockers on their way. Racing against time through impossible traffic, the group was able to remove the blockers and depart towards their final destination by 3:30 PM. At the same time, Karnal linked to Kanpur to create an insulating blocker, effectively ending any chance of RES interference. With a two and a half hour drive ahead, it was evident that the team would not make it to Panipat for the 5:30 PM checkpoint. Testing the speed limit on the highway, they could arrive at Panipat by 6, where they were joined by local agent and one man army -@tEcHnoSaVy.

Karnal Team

Being native to Karnal, agents @Thund3rDrag0n and @DadyByte were the first to get in position. They made creative use of their free time, stuffing their faces with food and spamming the Zello channel ; eagerly awaiting their turn to throw on the green veneer.

Jaipur Team

Jaipur was tasked to stick the final nail in the coffin. Being a tourist hotspot, the city sees a lot more action from visitors than the resident agents. And it just so happened that agent @zequib from Western Australia (backpacking across the country) was in the right place at the right time. 

Link Established! Field Established!

1830 hrs : With all teams on alert, Panipat created the base link to Kanpur and we started layering from Neemrana. Agent @Hatecrew threw the first field of the op. It was an ecstatic moment as the green cloud flooded the capital city - over 25 million mind units - and we had only just started. The second field was thrown by @sj130791, and @slackdragon nailed the third. 

1900 hrs : The subsequent 9 layers were created by Panipat with the team taking turns in pairs, navigating a busy highway. Poor network coverage in pockets didn’t help, but they got the job done.

2030 hrs : The last field came up from Panipat and the baton was handed over to Karnal, where the 2 agents went on to complete their 7 layers in record time.

2100 hrs : Karnal throws it over to Jaipur, where the 4 agents have been waiting since 5 in the evening.

2205 hrs : The last link is thrown by @Diaeresis, drawing the op to a close. Tired but happy, worn out but content, all teams start heading home after a long day. All that remains is the celebration. Till then, we saviour the moment! 


In the wake of our achievement, we learnt that 2 world records had been broken:

1. Highest ever score (for one faction) in a single cell, calculated at a checkpoint: 181M

2. Most checkpoints crossed by a set of fields created at a single location (in one go), measuring over a billion mind units: 3

Agents Involved

Eyes In The Sky 

+Manu Srivastava @xiiifriday

Neemrana Team

+Anubhav Misra @GreenPresident
+Vivek Sangwan @WanderingLord
+Varun Kakkar @slackdragon
+Rohit Nair @Hatecrew
+Shubham Jaiswal @sj130791

Panipat Team

+Vatsal Sapra @BoyWithNoName
+Ankit Nimesh @tEcHnoSaVy
+Piyush Kumar @euphoricsaint
+Sumit Dey @Dey21

Karnal Team

+Sumeet Kumar @Thund3rDrag0n
+Shivam Kapoor @DadyByte

Jaipur Team

+Nikhil Vijayvergiya @Diaeresis
+Ankit Agarwal @jindalankit
+Divaksh Jain @Divaksh
+cam g @zequib

Massive thanks to -

+Abhinandan Kothari @nandx64- for providing emergency blocker support
+Archit Tripathi @TripArch- for being available on call to ADA an intentional cross-link
+Ankit Srivastava +ANSHUL SIKRORIA @TheDrunkenLord&@hokanaka- for providing keys to a key portal 
+Gamma Ralph @GammaRalph- for going out of his way to remove friendly blockers

#SitRep   #IngressReport   #EnlightenedIndia     

+NIA Ops +Pooja Srinivas +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley 
+Brian Rose +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Susanna Moyer 
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