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+*****​ you gonna love this one ;)
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Guillaume Binet

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So it happened, blaze has been open sourced !

Honestly this is the best build system I have ever used by leaps and bounds.
Clear syntax, super fast, extensible, scaling like crazy.

This is a huge gift to the community !
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+Sylvain Soliman​ yup there was a name conflict somewhere I heard.
If they rename the Blaze Café too on the campus they can still serve italian food ;)
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A recording of a tower frequency when then have to close an airport.

They forgot to mention why the tower frequency is interesting at that point. Tower is one of the main frequencies at the airport (with ground,  approach, departure). The runways fall under the responsibility of the tower, there is an handover at the stop signs you see around the runways from/to the ground frequency. 

Having a ground vehicle (here a car) talk on the tower frequency is quite unusual and reserved to security problems like those ones.

Also you'll notice that the frequency is very clear with a lot of silences. It is on purpose as everybody switch to a minimum chatter: for example usually when the tower asks a plane to "go around" they repeat the wind force and direction. Here, no, the controller even accelerates the diction to clear the frequency even faster.
Since most things about the modern airline experience are so unpleasant for most of the traveling public most of the time, it's worth noticing how smoothly these professionals do their work.
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I just volunteered to help 2 hours of code from K to 5 and it was extremely rewarding !
What a joy to see those kids figuring out their bugs, feeling empowered to create something and jump in the air screaming "I did it!!".

That's what programming is about.
Every student in every school deserves the opportunity to study computer science.
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This is a video of 2 Googlers from the Golang team pair programming live. Sounds boring hun ? Check it out, it is awesome, you can pick up idioms, what they are thinking about etc... It is a good demonstrator on how pair programming is super efficient (one guy can be more familiar with one thing and not the other, they correct each others mistakes etc...).

IMHO, this could be a great course format to introduce the general way engineers are coding in the real world. +Cay Horstmann 
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nearly 3/4 hour in  before he switches on syntax highlighting. Still, really cool to see that kind of interaction! They're pretty sharp coders, and fun to watch.
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My last pet project ! I am probing left and right to see if some raspberry pi enthusiasts would be interested by the device.

I really see it as a cheap educational tool: plug it in, fire up your PyCharm IDE and see your python proggy interacting with the real world.
This is a little project I started to "scratch my own itch": a simple USB stick that would give you the Raspberry Pi IOs from your PC or Mac !

I would love to see if this is a device this community would be interested in.

Comments/questions are welcomed and feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute !
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Guillaume Binet

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Nice write up on struct alignments in C.

This page is about a technique for reducing the memory footprint of C programs - manually repacking C structure declarations for reduced size. To read it, you will require basic knowledge of the C programming language. You need to know this technique if you intend to write code for ...
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Have him in circles
603 people
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Guillaume Binet

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The bug pipeline @ Google HQ... :)

P.S. The pipe ratio is 1:1... every bug needs a fix!
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Nice blog post about DonglePi !
While the newer Raspberry Pi A+, B+ and B2 boards feature the new 40-pin connector, the Raspberry Pi boards Model A and B have a 26-pin expansion header, but both are use to access GPIOs, UART, SPI, I2C and interface with external hardware, and many add-ons boards have been developed for the ...
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Guillaume Binet

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"I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent, and his capacity to love."

-William Shatner

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Guillaume Binet

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Thanks to the FCC and Tom Wheeler for supporting local choice and broadband competition.
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This is a little project I started to "scratch my own itch": a simple USB stick that would give you the Raspberry Pi IOs from your PC or Mac !

I would love to see if this is a device this community would be interested in.

Comments/questions are welcomed and feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute !
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+Guillaume Binet yes indeed! that sounds perfect. 
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Interests in gentoo linux, android, python, the game of go, sailing, scuba diving, aircraft piloting.

Software Engineer at Google
Tech leading. Golang, python
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