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But What Can I Do?
But what can I do? This is the question I’ve been asking. I’ve been hearing.
The news is so devastatingly awful. Our country seems to be imploding in some
sort of Back to the Future nightmare, where American humanity is resorting to an
unevolved mentality l...

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Oscar the Dog
  Oscar The Dog There are very few companions who want nothing more than to
be in the same room as you and maybe lay in a pile of your dirty clothes
later.   When Oscar was a baby we would hold hands at night. He would
sleep lengthwise on my pillow, stretch...

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Camp Drop Off
  I call this one: Me at Camp with My Friends & Bad Outfits in 1991 Photo Credit: Bloomie (Aka Sari Bloom Shuman) I don't understand this leaving your kid at camp thing. I
just did it and I don't get it.  Oh, yeah sure, I went to camp every summer. I loved ...

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All You Need to Know About the Work/Life Balance
I've been reading a lot lately on the work/life balance struggle (crisis?)
of women who have "children they love" and "professions worth
continued pursuit." It's reminded me of Ava Neyer's terrific post about the contradictory theories of sleep training a...

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Pancake Prediction
Amy Rutberg & Jason Loughlin as  SYLVIA & BEAU in my
new play,   The Cottage starting previews
tonight at APAC. Parenting during Tech week is a lot like sweeping up leaves
during a hurricane.  We have no more milk in the fridge. The hamper is
overflowing. I...

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I Have a Blog and I'm Not Afraid to Use it.
My Dear Readers -  I have some terrific news to share!   Remember last year when I was in the NYC Listen
to Your Mother show at Symphony Space?   Well this year I am producing and directing
the show right here in Maplewood/South Orange and I could not be mo...
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