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Catharina Soesetyo
Fitness instructor, Foodie, Cook, Designer. I love to cook, stay fit and design my plate with good looking delicious food.
Fitness instructor, Foodie, Cook, Designer. I love to cook, stay fit and design my plate with good looking delicious food.

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Protein Egg Muffies
This is my spin off based on a recipe from FIXATE cookbook by Autumn Calabrese. Nothing wrong with the original recipe - it is in fact simple and very easy. If you rarely cook, or unfamiliar in the kitchen or have no time to cook the original recipe is perf...

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Baked Eggplant Balls "Meatless Meatballs"
I love discussing recipes with Mom. We both like to find ways to modify the recipes to our liking. Me, I like to find alternative ingredients to make it healthier and or less calories. Mom, considering her experience playing in the kitchen, likes to find wa...

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Customizing Chimicurri Sauce
A thin slap of beef steak over spinach pesto pasta My girlfriend took me to a hole in the wall Peruvian restaurant in West Covina, called Mr. Pollo. The food was off the hook! The place was continuously busy. People just kept on coming in and out, mostly or...

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BUR - Day 5: Ultimate Reset
Friday!! :)  That means time for facial. I don't do it every Friday, obviously, but it is a chance to go out and make lunch dates at the same time. While on the Reset, I have just to be picky on where to eat. Breakfast started with scrambled eggs, mainly wh...

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BUR - Day 4: Ultimate Reset
Thursday mornings is usually when I teach Body Combat class, then sometimes, a few of us go for breakfast at the Panera cafe across from the gym. This time, no gym for me, but we (friends at gym) decided to use the time convenience to meet up for breakfast....

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BUR - Day 3: Ultimate Reset
Starting the day with something warm for the tummy. Oatmeal with strawberries. This week, strawberries is going to be my staple berries. I bought a large container of ripe ones, so I better finish them soon!  I prep a bunch of them at once for easy snacking...

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BUR - Day 2: Ultimate Reset
Day 2, not a good day. Light headed, not sure if it was from watching too much movies with caption - the text kept drawing my eyes to read - for sure not from the detox, because I still pretty much ate my normal food, if not eating better. I took Body Flow ...

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BUR - Day 1: Starting the Ultimate Reset
I totally regretting my indulgences yesterday.... I was feeling nauseous, bloated and had trouble sleeping last night. I felt constipated and had to drink Miralax before I went to bed. Even waking up in the morning was tough. Ugh... Note to self: no more. I...

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BUR - Day 0: The Preparation
I have done this before so I pretty much know what to expect. I got my supplements ready, planning the food in my head, the fridge and pantry are set.  I'm actually excited about the possibility of food I will make during this cleansing.  So tonight I am go...

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Quinoa Parmesan Crisps
I love how easy it is to make, and even easier to customize the recipe for different preferences. For example,  adding bacon bits for a little bits of fun in the bites, or how about changing the spices to Southwestern mix and add in strained black beans and...
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