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The call will take a moment; the results will last a lifetime (800) 997-1423

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Beautiful Teeth Start Here
Beautiful, healthy teeth begin with a clean mouth. We’ve
learned, over time, that a healthy, clean mouth can be achieved through proper
brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist.   For whatever reason, you may have strayed
from your routine tee...

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The Answer is Implant Dentistry
When the question is, ‘how do I
replace these gaps in my smile?’ implant dentistry is the answer. When you’re
wondering how to go about finding long-lasting replacement teeth, dental implants
are the solution. Just as your dentist is your partner in the car...

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Nutrition and Your Oral Health
Studies have shown that frequent
consumption of sugar-laden foods and beverages is the leading cause of tooth
decay. But, you already knew that. Other factors such as illness, accidents,
and even genetics, can play a role in the gradual decay of our teeth a...

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People Will Notice
When you have a gap in your smile, due
to missing teeth, people notice. When you tend to smile less, and hide behind
your hands more, people notice that, too. If you find yourself longing for that
full smile you once had, you may be ready for dental implant...

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Hide Your Missing Teeth
Suffering with missing or damaged
teeth is not only painful, but it can also affect the way we allow the world to
see us.   People who have lost one or more
teeth, for whatever reason, tend to avoid being photographed for just this
reason. In reality, it ca...

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Dental Implants over Dentures
When you’re ready for replacement
teeth, you will most likely to do a little research. Once you’ve scoured the
internet, and talked to friends, we’re quite certain that you’ll find what our
TeethToday® clients already know. You’ll realize that dental implan...

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A Life Without Limitations
In life, there are always going
to be plenty of rules. There will always be limitations. Not being able to eat
the foods you love shouldn’t be one of them. When you are missing teeth, it can
be difficult to enjoy all of your favorite foods. It’s time to sto...

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Dental Implant Success Rates
    A study published in the July 2014 edition of the Journal of the American Dental Association concludes that “implant survival and success rates in general practices may be
lower than those reported in studies conducted in academic or specialist

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Are You Missing Teeth?
Missing teeth are only cute on a
6-year old who is waiting for the Tooth Fairy. When you’re an adult, having
gaps in your smile can embarrassing and debilitating. It can keep you from
eating certain foods, inhibit your ability to speak, and definitely keep ...

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These days, there are many more options
for teeth replacement, than just traditional bridges and dentures. Thanks to innovative
technology and TeethToday® specialists, we are in the midst of a teeth
replacement revolution. For over twenty years, TeethToday®...
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