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So I often get into arguments about the validity of the bible and religion with my brother in law (love the kid to death, but he recently became a pastor or some damn thing), and our most recent argument was around the fact that some information in the bible was as of yet undiscovered by the populations that it was presented to. In other words, its true because there are facts that were not discovered yet. Now, I havent had the time to really read through any one of the many versions of this little book but what can I use to argue the innacuracy of this claim?
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+Kevin Tourtellotte some information in the bible was as of yet undiscovered by the populations that it was presented to

Now that would be a first, a real prediction coming from a holy book, until now they could only find related texts after science discovered something.
And even if there is information that is not discovered yet, does it have any use this way? Funny chap, this brother in law.
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Kevin Tourtellotte

American Sign Language  - 
Are there any interpreters here from Ma that could answer a few questions for me? I've decided to just get into School and get my cert (or degree?). Please contact me if you can help! 
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My gear
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They are beautiful 
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So I downloaded gta v on demand but it seems I need to be online to play it. Everytime I try to play offline (I downloaded it at work, brought it home Where there is No internet ) and it says "alert: an online user profile is required for this version of the game. Please sign in now" any known solutions out there? 
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No problem, but you have to hook that Xbox up to the net and do it from the Xbox account settings. You can only do this once every few months, and it does it for every game you've downloaded prior.
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Kevin Tourtellotte

General Discussion  - 
Learning a page a day (or minimum of three words in the event that a page has only 1 or 2 signs). 
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My new shirt. Wearing it around the several churches in my town on Sundays. 
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+Judie Greer
 1. sharpen my apologetics skills
2. collect artwork, quotes & inspiration for my website
3. Refute obvious and ridiculous stereotypes and generalizations.
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Male, 26
FN 2000, suppressor, acog and a SEAL pup by SOG.
EMT with 5 years experience in the field, nursing education, advanced a&p training, stealth training.

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Kevin Tourtellotte

Shared publicly  - 
I breathed and thanked something that was not exactly God, something that was still here. I could almost imagine that it was still before when we were young and many things still lived.

-Peter Heller, the dog stars
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Hi how are you

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Kevin Tourtellotte

Questions and Answers  - 
Trying to think critically here, am I right to think that in order to make any word indicating a person who does something you just add the "agent" sign? A pilot is airplane or fly with agent, so would a technician be technique/technical with the agent sign following? 
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Good info
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Hello everyone. I'm an EMT for a small town 911 service as Well as a major city private company. Anyone familiar with EMS will know that it is defined by long hours of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror.

In other words I sit around a lot but am expected (by local and state protocol) to lift 120 lbs by myself and move that weight.

The worst lift expected of us is a horizontal sheet drag with a patient cargo.

What suggestions can I get for weight bearing training to practice this maneuver and increase core strength while on down time around the station?

No equipment is available here...

Thanks for any help! 
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Ken Fit
Pull-ups is what recommend,10 sets of as many you can do ,no more then 2 min of rest between the sets.Get to where you can do 10 pull ups without stopping and also do push 100 push-ups every other day,anyway you can do it,push yourself.Also be sure to eat 150g protein everyday,break it up into 5 or 6 small meals.
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So I'm looking to buy a FN 2000 with some optics at some point. Anyone have any suggestions on Where to get one relatively inexpensively? Estimate for what I want is around 2500
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Current estimate is around 2500 for the load out I want. 
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"In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him." -ender
I graduated with an Assoiciates degree in liberal arts in 2008.  Currently attending Becker College for Nursing and am studying foreign language in my free time.  
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Have a beginners status in 4 languages besides English, have 2 kids (#3 on the way), earned my stork pin early this year for delivering a baby in the field
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Writing, languages, EMS and survivalism, shooting, zombology.
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only place I'll get any work done anymore. fantastic service, fair prices and exceptional professionalism. very clean and well maintained with that unique eye for the beautiful.
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