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I prefer to dispense with puns as soon as possible. Expect that for as long as this blog lasts. I should get this one out of the way and move on. I believe in paying taxes. I believe in all individuals in a republic contributing to the public fund that is u...

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Let's start with something simple. Death is truly the simplest topic you can write about. And the most difficult. I cannot presume to make new observations about it. I can only try to articulate some insights. And I've had an opportunity to think about it q...

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I started this blog in 2013 to recount my experiences having a very simple but life changing eye operation that granted me stereoscopic vision for the first time. It was an incredible experience, and the feedback I received was some of the most gratifying a...

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Two Years Deep
Two years ago today I had surgery to align my left and right eyes, removing my double vision and giving me, for the first time, the ability to perceive stereoscopic depth ie, 3d vision. This blog serves as my attempt to describe in words the incredible chan...

My band The Rockmores is playing at a benefit for the JP Music Festival this saturday night, Valentine's Day, at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA. Bring your sweetheart for some sweet beats!

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Having uploaded my entire digital existence to Google Drive, I have unprecedented access to everything I've ever committed to bits. To wit, some pics of a trip to Zion, in hope that you will be compelled to experience the beauty of Zion and other national parks...
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