Apple TV 3 -- No Jailbreak For You

Well the Apple TV is one of those devices that's an enigma.  Personally I think it plain sucks... being limited to iTunes and very limited functionality.  But the Apple TV 3 has plenty of cool possibilities.

The Apple TV 2 has been hacked and, once hacked, seems pretty awesome, because it can run a web browser, XBMC (an awesome media center app that started on the xbox), and other niceties.  In fact, XBMC is better than any Apple software provided with the Apple TV.

But the Apple TV 3 offers 1080P HD support, 512MB RAM, and a faster A5 processor than its predecessor, making it pretty darn attractive once jailbroken.  The problem?  Well it isn't jailbroken yet, though almost everything else that runs iOS is.  It turns out that it's trickier to do because it lacks the system restore mode exploited on other devices, and all iDevices with A4 processors are effectively hacked-for-life.  I'm pretty certain something will turn up soon.

I have to admit lusting for an Apple TV 3 in spite of my ill feelings towards the un-jailbroken device... but a jailbroken device?  That's another story.

I'm getting one... so hackers--I mean, developers--please get on with it and crack this baby!

Disclaimer:  I take no responsibility for any pain and suffering I have caused for Apple users who actually like iTunes or un-jailbroken iDevices.  Nobody actually likes the Apple remote do they?
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