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Build Brands on Google Plus | Social Media | Sharing To Community

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How to Build Your Mobile-Centric Search Strategy

So you want to create a killer mobile strategy. But where do you begin? There's no doubt that mobile has changed daily life and decision-making. After all, smartphones are the most personal of devices. They stay with us as we move across time, activities, and locations, and they have become the device of choice during the critical micro-moments when we want to know, go, do, or buy

via +Think with Google

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New shortcuts in Search help keep you in the know

These days, you expect information at your fingertips. Starting today, we’re making it easier than ever to stay in the know and get the information you need quickly and easily. Starting today in the U.S., we’re introducing tappable shortcuts on the Google app for Android and iOS and on the mobile web that give you easy access to great tools and the ability to explore deeper within topics you care about

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Discover Two Million Years of History with the British Museum’s latest VR experience

The British Museum has partnered with virtual reality (VR) content developer Boulevard to create a way for museum-goers to interact with ancient objects

#VR #BritishMuseum

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How Google Is Revealing Unmapped Areas of the World in Virtual Reality

Technology companies left and right are developing new gadgets to advance virtual reality as an immersive entertainment and gaming platform. Others however, like VR producer Chris Milk, have hopes that the technology’s potential will extend far beyond sheer entertainment

Now, tech giant Google has taken on this challenge in their recent VR project, Rio: Beyond the Map, an effort to map Rio de Janeiro’s legendary favelas, which they launched at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

#VR #Brazil #Storytelling 

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YouTube made VR gaming videos for Google Daydream and Cardboard

You might have come across a few 360-degree gaming videos on YouTube since last year. Chances are, those are some of the results of the platform's partnership with creators and publishers formed in an effort to experiment with the production of VR gaming videos

They transformed all kinds of content into 360-degree experiences, from trailers to Let's Play and even gaming-themed live action videos. YouTube has now collected all of them in a playlist aptly entitled "Step Into The Games." As you can see, they include familiar names like Minecraft, Super Mario Bros, Psychonauts, Need for Speed and Call of Duty.

#YouTube #VR #Daydream 

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Google Assistant - Your own personal Google

Your Assistant is ready to help on eligible Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones.* Just touch and hold the home button or say "Ok Google"

#GoogleAssistant #Android 

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Game on with Daydream at GDC 17

With Daydream, you can get your game on with a mobile VR headset that's comfortable to wear and a controller that's simple to use. Whether you love to play first-person battles in space, solve complex puzzles, or make real friends in virtual spaces, Daydream has you covered. Here at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, we just announced more great VR titles joining our gaming lineup on Daydream from top developers

#Daydream #VR #Mobile 

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Virtual Reality Event Of The Year

Save The Date: Martin and Elisa’s VR Wedding

Join us in congratulating +martin shervington and Elisa, the couple reciting their vows in VR on May 25, 2017

via AltspaceVR Social platform for virtual reality. Don't VR alone.

#VR #socialVR #Storytelling 

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Welcoming more devices to the Daydream-ready family

In November, we launched Daydream with the goal of bringing high quality, mobile VR to everyone. With the Daydream View headset and controller, and a Daydream-ready phone like the Pixel or Moto Z, you can explore new worlds, kick back in your personal VR cinema and play games that put you in the center of the action

#Daydream #VR #Google 

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Mayor’s New Year's Eve fireworks to be broadcast live in 360 degree panorama for first time ever by BBC

Happy New Year Everyone ... Have Fun & Enjoy

#VR #London #NYE 
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