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Tom and Nora's house on Devonshire Street, Winston-Salem, N.C.
My grandparents, Wiley Thomas Snyder and Nora Bessie McNeil Snyder, lived for a few years in Winston-Salem.  Tom bought this house on October 2, 1916, with a mortgage, for $1,415.   He wrote Nora that he had “a mighty grand house” with a “fine location, cit...

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Tom and Nora's Wedding - April 16, 1919
Here is the newspaper article about their wedding, followed by the photo taken on their wedding day. [Wedding announcement in the Hustler newspaper in North Wilkesboro, April 18, 1919, page 1,
column 2] McNeil-Snider A beautiful
home wedding was solemnized ...

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Courting Miss Nora - March 28, 1919 - Wedding Plans!
Tom is now back at his home on Devonshire Street in Winston-Salem.  He is very
excited about his upcoming wedding.   Tom
mentions: Nora’s
father, George Thomas McNeil, was sickly but survived until 1930.   Jess was one
of Tom’s younger brothers. Nora’s

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Courting Miss Nora - February 9, 1919 - "Am real anxious to hear from you."
Tom hasn't gotten any mail from home since he left the U.S. on July 31, 1918, over 6 months ago.  He doesn't know if his brother John (also serving in the U.S. AEF in Europe) is safe or not.  He sent this postcard to Nora from the Army hospital at Camp Lee,...

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Courting Miss Nora - January 25, 1919 - "Just got back"
Tom’s service record shows he served overseas from July 31, 1918 to January 25, 1919.  That means he boarded a ship to Europe on July 31 and returned to American soil on January 25, which is 5 months and 25 days.  He sent this postcard on the very day he re...

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Wiley Thomas Snyder was
honorably discharged on March 3, 1919 at Camp Lee, N.J.   He was a Mechanic in Co. D, 321st Infantry.  Tom’s total
service from induction to discharge was one year, 5 months, 13 days.   Below are his discharge papers (one paper,

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Courting Miss Nora - December 1918 - "I am having a very good time"
Despite being hospitalized in France for 3 months, Tom writes that he is having a very good time.  He never mentions his wounds, but is eager to return home, and to hear news of his brother John.  Tom also has not received any letters from home since he was...

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Courting Miss Nora - December 11, 1918 - From Base Hospital 17, France
Tom wrote while recovering from his battle wounds. Wednesday Night P.M. Dec. 11_18 Base Hospital #17     A.P.O. #721         American E. F.             France   Dear Miss Nora, How are you getting long, fine I hope.  I am well and enjoying life fine. They w...

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Courting Miss Nora - French Christmas Card 1918
Tom's prior letter was a postcard from France, dated September 1, 1918.  On September 14, his unit headed out for the front lines.  Clarence Johnson wrote: On
the night of September 19, under the cover of darkness, we took up our
positions on the Raon l’E...

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Courting Miss Nora - September 1, 1918 - “I am ok and liking France fine.”
Tom's last letter was a postcard from Camp Upton New York on July 24.  He spent the next few weeks in transit.  His unit road a train to Hoboken, New Jersey, and on July 31, boarded a ship to cross the Atlantic. The 321st Infantry took the SS Walmer Castle ...
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