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Sound Pound NFC
Give your friends a pound and lock it down with sound!
Give your friends a pound and lock it down with sound!

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Finally, A Fun NFC App: Sound Pound NFC
It’s like a fist pound with sound!

SANTA MONICA, CA – February 1, 2012 – Today, Everything Conglomerated, Inc. announced the release of Sound Pound NFC, its first NFC-based app for Android devices.

Sound Pound NFC lets friends set personalized greetings (“Sound Pounds”) for their NFC-enabled Android devices that are then played simultaneously when their devices are unlocked and placed in NFC proximity. It’s like a fist pound or a high five with sound!

“Developers are increasingly recognizing NFC’s enormous potential, particularly in the mobile payment arena, but few, if any, are making fun social apps utilizing NFC technology,” said Brian Lauter of Everything Conglomerated. “Sound Pound NFC is the first app to use NFC to enhance interaction between people in a purely social context,” said Lauter.

Sound Pound NFC let’s you say “Hi!” (and “Bye!”) in a whole new way! The app allows users to select a sound file already stored on their device to use as a Sound Pound or record a new Sound Pound in the Sound Pound NFC recorder. After a Sound Pound is selected by two users, whenever the users’ phones are unlocked and touched together (or placed within NFC proximity), the Sound Pound will simultaneously play on both devices. Users can even transfer a Sound Pound via NFC-enabled Bluetooth pairing. Sound Pound NFC is a fun NFC app for all ages!

Sound Pound NFC is available on Android Market in English and Japanese starting February 1, 2012.

Everything Conglomerated, Inc. is a developer of software for mobile devices located in Santa Monica, California.
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