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Straightforward, down to earth, personal and friendly mortgage advice.
Straightforward, down to earth, personal and friendly mortgage advice.


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According to the Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), buyer demand rose for the first time in seven months in September.

In June and July around the referendum battle buyer demand had significantly dropped. The lack of properties coming onto the market however, means that prices have risen.

"The market does now appear to be settling down following the significant headwinds encountered through the spring and summer," said Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist at Rics.

"Buyers do appear to be returning, albeit relatively slowly, but the big issue that continues to be highlighted by respondents is the lack of fresh stock on the market."

Over the next three months, surveyors predict that house prices will rise further on a national basis.

Recent surveys by mortgage lenders, the Halifax and Nationwide, suggested that annual increase in house prices had slowed in September compared with the previous month.

Most mortgage lenders are competing for new business which means mortgage rates continue to be at close to all time lows.

For those who are able to get a mortgage or remortgage now certainly seems like a good opportunity to take advantage of the low mortgage rates being offered.

For whole of market mortgage advice, speak to a mortgage broker at DWM Mortgages.
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However you say it, we are free!

To take advantage of this offer call soon.
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This weekend the Financial Times (FT) covered the differences between equity release products and mortgage borrowing for older lenders.

Although the maximum age for customers at the end of a mortgage has been increased at Halifax and Nationwide, lenders are still required to lend on a basis that the repayments to a mortgage are affordable. The new age restrictions will undoubtedly benefit some borrowers but equity release will still be the only option for many as no proof of income or minimum income is required for most equity release products.

If you are not sure whether a normal mortgage or an equity release product is right for you. Speak with Daniel at DWM Mortgages who is a qualified mortgage and equity release adviser.

The article in the FT is quite good but misses out some features and details of both products so once again it is best to speak with our specialist for detailed and accurate information.
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Are you looking to buy your first home?

If you are a first time buyer then you might not know all the costs involved in buying a property and running it. Here are some things to consider:

Deposit - you will need at least 5% of the purchase price of the property, the more you can put down the better.

Stamp Duty - this has changed recently and is dependent on the purchase price. You can use our on-line calculator or speak to one of our brokers to get the actual amount.

Utilities - if you've been living in rented accommodation you'll know all about these costs, if you're moving out of your parents home it may be worth looking at their bills to give you an idea of what you'll need to pay.

Council Tax - Based on the rating of the property by the local authority.

Solicitors Fees - These can range from anywhere between £600 and £1,500 typically depending on the property and the solicitors firm.

Life Assurance - Should usually be taken out on exchange of contracts to ensure the mortgage can be paid in the event of death.

Buildings Insurance - Is a requirement of all mortgage contracts and varies in cost significantly from £15 per month up £60 and above!

Income protection - To pay for the monthly mortgage payments if you are unable to work for a period.

There is a lot to deal with as you can see so it's a good idea to get professional advice where you can.

Feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information visit
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This week two of our advisers attended the buy to let forum in Cardiff and they returned with some exciting news for us.

Due to the large number of changes the European Credit Directive has required of the buy to let market, advisers or brokers that advise on buy to let mortgages will need to be increasingly more specialised in what they do.

This is excellent news for DWM Mortgages as we feel strongly that we were suitably prepared for the recent changes and will be giving best advice with respect to the future potential changes.

Buy to lets have taken a bit of a bashing in the last 12 months but the strong returns they will continue to produce will mean they will be around well into the future.

We are looking at partnering with a property tax specialist so our clients will receive the best mortgage advice as well as excellent tax planning for buy to let property portfolios.

For more information visit
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The top six mortgage lenders are losing market share to smaller mortgage lenders as they have been slower to relax their criteria following the Mortgage Market Review (MMR)

Interest-only lending, mortgages for self-employed and lending into retirement is handled better by smaller lender as opposed to larger lenders according to brokers.

As most people wouldn’t think to approach some of the smaller lenders for a mortgage, it is possible that many people feel they are trapped with their current lender or are being restricted from owning their own property, which may not be the case at all.

Some of the smaller lenders include: Principality, Skipton and Coventry Building Societies as well as Virgin Money and Paragon.

If you are not sure what your mortgage options are then feel free to contact us at DWM Mortgages at any time.

Or visit for more information.
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We are pleased to announce that we have a new mortgage advisor working with us at DWM Mortgages.

Tony Juskal is now working with the team and will be advising clients on residential mortgages and remortgages, buy to let mortgages and remortgages and first time buyer mortgages.

For more information visit
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It's been a busy start of the year for everyone at DWM Mortgages and with the good news this week regarding unemployment at a low we expect that the mortgage market will be very busy this year and that house prices will continue to rise.

If you are thinking of remortgaging your property, buying as a first time buyer, wanting to move home or invest in a buy to let, then feel free to call us at DWM Mortgages and speak to an advisor/broker today or visit our website -
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Bank of England Governor Warns of Interest Rate Cut
Mark Carney, the governor of the bank of England has warned that interest rates may be cut further in the future if deflation persists.

With inflation dropping month on month and reductions in oil and gas prices continuing to affect inflation.  It is thought that the UK will suffer from negative inflation in the spring and if it persists Mark Carney would consider cutting interest rates.

What this means to borrowers:

Although it is unlikely rates will reduce further, the fact is that an increase in the bank of England base rate is further away than previously expected so interest rates available for mortgage products should remain competitive for longer, meaning if you chose a 2 year fixed rate product in the last 18 months you’ll probably be able to remortgage at a very low rate again.  For current and future borrowers this is good news.

If you are looking for advice for a mortgage then speak to a mortgage broker today.  At DWM Mortgages we always put our clients first.
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Banks approved 19.4% fewer mortgages in October than they did a year earlier as they continue to feel the effects of the Mortgage Market Review.
With such variation in different lenders’ policy borrowers are better off seeing a whole of market broker who has access to lenders on and off the high street.
Feel free to call DWM Mortgages to speak to a mortgage advisor if you are looking for a mortgage or have had trouble with your bank.

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