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The Lighted Ones: June 2017 Energy Forecast Live - Return to Sovereignty
Another layer of bifurcation is happening in June. It’s an additional
Intensification of our experience based on our choices. Much of the
experiment of the 3D Earth School was based on the question “how much
limitation can we place upon an infinite being...

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The next stepping stone
It's been an up and down week full of surprises and uncertainties. I'd not heard anything from the business manager since her answer to my email last week. I was starting to worry that maybe I was jumping the gun in assuming. Talked it through with Richard ...

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Love Has Won: New Moon In Gemini, May 2017 ~ A Gateway to Your Dreams. Magic In The Air!
From the blog of Empower Astrology New Moon in Gemini 25th May at 4 degrees, 8.44 Pm UT. A powerful portal, a finger of God aspect opens up together
with this New Moon in Gemini that is active over a three day period. The
Yod or so-called finger of God as...

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Acting Team Leader proposition
I took the bull by the horns yesterday afternoon. Quite simply put, it seemed that nothing was being put in place once our manager leaves tomorrow. Place is in an uproar cos no-one is taking charge and making decisions. It is stressing everyone out. So inst...

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Personalities and perceptions
Personality profiling has come to my attention again. When my kids enrolled at the Steiner/Waldorf schools in South Africa (and later in the UK) they used this profiling to understand each child in the class. I found it fascinating. Ashlee raised personalit...

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Gridlock and Responsibility
Richard's in Melbourne this weekend. Says it's a great city with a good vibe. But...he misses Hamilton and its laid back life. Haha...I said I'd gotten a bit freaked this last week as instead of 5 cars on the road there were 10! We got on to discussing driv...

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Jenny Schiltz: Walking your Own Path and Trusting your Self Completely
From the blog of Jenny Schiltz What an amazing and excruciating time it has been. There seems to be
an emotional component to this energy that is digging up areas where one
feels unworthy, hopeless and that all of this is futile. We need to
simply observ...
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