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Simply Text Marketing
2059 Camden Ave, san Jose, CA 95124, USA
(408) 647-5458
We provide a proven yet simple, easy to use Mobile Text Marketing Service that grows your profits by communicating to your customers instantly wherever they are.  Get More Customers & get Them to Buy More Often.

Our Goal
Our goal at Simply Text Marketing is to bring a simple easy to use mobile marketing solution to small and medium business owners. Show a business how simple and effective text messaging can be for their business and dispel the myths that it is only for big business.

We are determined to enlighten as many business owners to the fact that text message marketing offers the highest return on investment far out shining all other forms of marketing. In addition, text marketing also enhances the effectiveness of ALL other forms of marketing, maximizing the returns on all your marketing efforts.

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(408) 647-5458
2059 Camden Ave, san Jose, CA 95124, USA
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