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look good, play goodr
look good, play goodr

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Running Sunglasses Suck…Until Now! Pre-Order goodr sunglasses starting...wait for it...wait for it...NOW!

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Have you ever run high? We're talking elevation scumbags.

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How hot is too hot to run? (and we're not taking about looks)

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As you're nursing your hangover today just know, it could be worse...

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The Beer Mile or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Foam Puke.

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This is why we run...the goodr manifesto!
Ignite and unite the spirits of your friends.
Be active, be yourself, and live with purpose.
Getting a good story is all the reason you need to try something.
If you show up and run, you are a runner…your time and distance are just numbers.
Judge your success by the friends you meet and the high fives you give.
Own your gear, don’t let your gear own you.
What you talk about on a run stays on the run.
Strive for greatness and fight the urge to settle for ordinary.
When pain shows up, find a place to put it (until you can have a beer).
Always remember the closest bathroom.
Bring a dog with you as often as you can.
Whenever possible, wear a party tank — and remember, you bring the party to the tank top, the tank doesn’t bring the party to you.
Enjoy every step you take, every hill you climb, every view you earn.
Runner Swag is a mindset….when you look good, you play goodr.

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There’s only one way to get your run on while in Las Vegas, and that’s before you start drinking. Read about - The Vegas Goodr Strip $10K on EDC Weekend.

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Read about why we started the words of Tyler Durden “Its only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything”
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