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a.j. staley harrison (AJ)


i'm not sure why there is a photo of the Borg when I embed this article. i really don't know what that has to do with Barbie dolls.
Read 'Barbie's US toymaker father dies, aged 95' on Yahoo! News. Elliot Handler, the co-founder of US toy giant Mattel who gave the world the Barbie doll, has died aged 95, the company said Friday.
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Barbie has been assimilated.
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i fail to see what is so awesome about g+, therefore i will share what i know to be absolutely awesome.
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yes, that makes sense. i suppose that would eliminate my need for my additional facebook profile that i had to make just for derby, i.e. on here i could just have a "derby circle" - which i do - and wouldn't have to log out to go to one or the other.

counter arguement would be that i use my gmail address for personal and professional reasons and the old yahoo one for derby because i don't really want derby stuff clogging up my gmail.

i also haven't explored the privacy options for photos... i want to keep my derby life and personal life separate (in the wider sense) and don't really want some chic or fella i met 3 states away at a derby bout, and don't really know anything about, ogling pics of Vivian.
i think i just need to keep playing around with it before i'm convinced it's worth transferring everything over for. :)
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