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What'cha Workin' On?
Hey everyone! As you can see, the blog has had it's "redesign" and I'm still working on making it match my store and Facebook so you might see some changes there too. In the mean time, I wanted to give you a little update on what I've been working on: One o...

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Under Construction!
Just wanted to let you know that my blog is under construction and will be back bigger and better than ever, so be sure to stay tuned!  Please excuse the "mess" until the design is all done.  Thanks for checking in and hope to see you back soon! Cheers!

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Recognizing Every Student
 I just want to put it out there...I'm not one of those "participation trophy" people.  I feel like there is so much intrinsic value in things like team sports, extracurricular activities, and music lessons.  I just think the experience is enough in itself!...

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Using Animal Webcams in the Classroom
...I'm back!  Again. Seriously, I was having blog issues with my background and didn't want to do anything until I fixed them.  It has been an issue since the holidays and I finally figured out the problem, so thank you for staying with me! Last year I did ...

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Easy, Inexpensive, but Thoughtful "Teaching Team" Gifts
This time of year things are just a tad bit crazy at school (and at home!)  There is so much going on, and you are hoping that your Winter Break shows up before you run out of energy! It's also the season of giving, and so many of us have a checklist of thi...

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My apologies for having been absent recently!  A lot has gone on since the beginning of September including buying a new house, starting a new part time job, family illness, and a two week trip to Chile!   Now with the holidays getting ramped up, I wanted t...

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Saving the Macaws - Fund Raiser Bundle Deals!
If you have been following me on Facebook, in the forums (if you're a seller), or on here, you know that I have a passion for wildlife, and especially birds!  Right now (September - October 31st) we have a great fund raiser going on in the Saving the Macaws...

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Shout Out Board
I know some of you have already started your school year, and some of you are gearing up for the classroom this coming week.  Either way, I had a small idea that turned into a big deal for my kiddos and I wanted to share this idea with you! Yes, it's just a...

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New Organizer from MochiThings!
 I don't do a lot of "reviews" but I felt I needed to share my latest purchase with you.  I had been seeing tons of "Pins" on Pinterest with a picture of this adorable little organizer, and dared take a look on their site.  First of all, if you love cute "k...

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Calling all TPT Sellers!
Hello all! I wanted to let all of my TpT seller friends know that I'm collecting contributions for the Tambopata Macaw Project fund raiser.  If you haven't read my post in the forums, read below for an explanation of the project, or go to the Saving the Mac...
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