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May 1, 2013
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Coding friends - has anyone used swig to generate bindings from C to Python? Curious about your experience

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Cliff Mass is hilarious... and a damned good weather man!

How the heck did Spotify get access to so much music without developing the most basic playlist organization and features:
no grouping by genre (and a bunch of other stuff)
no playlist dedupe
no suggestions of similar music
no autocomplete in the dialogs
no 'smart' playlists
sorting is awkward (not always contiguous results)
sort by popularity?
search for genre within the library?
search within a playlist?
nested playlists?
drag & drop one playlist to another (with dedupe of course)
auto-name playlist usually fails (should just take a guess)
needs google+ sharing (hello!)
should be able to browse popular playlists right inside the app (not on a website)
ability to 'follow' someone else's music stream (everyone is a dj!)
'top lists' are just top 40 pop stuff... how about top music for ME!

The biggest thing to get used to is probably not owning the music whatsoever, but with such a vast repository I could probably forget about that. If they can add some basic features, owning music might not seem very important at all, and iTunes' $1 per song might seem even more outrageous than it already is...

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Such a gloomy day Rocky wouldn't even leave his INDOOR dog house...

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For the noobs. Feel free to share at will.

Created by +Simon Laustsen. Props.

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The on-flight entertainment on our cross-Atlantic Airbus was pretty buggy. It was pretty refreshing when it finally crashed to see a non-BSOD kiosk death.

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Saw this parked near the office.. KISS Bug!

Does anyone else notice "People who've Added You" != "Have you in Circles" ?

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Which one of these is not like the other? (Graphic by +Oliver Uberti)
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