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You should have a look to this Trailer :)

Take a look at the #Magick Launch #Trailer . You will have a clear idea of ​​the #GamePlay . Magick, a platform game in retro style designed for #iPad .

Magick - Launch Trailer (iPad)

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If you like the retro-style games, you should play this iPad game :)
#Magick, our retro-style #iPad platformer, is now available for launch price $0.99

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New version of the multiplayer "dash 'n' catch" #IndieGame "Other Side" TRY IT FOR FREE #GGJ14
Have a look to our OtherSide Gameplay Trailer !!!

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Oh Yeah !!!!
New version of our multiplayer "dash 'n' catch" #IndieGame "Other Side" TRY IT FOR FREE #GGJ14

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"OtherSide" => You can play for free with our last game !!!

I'm am an indie game developer and this is my Google+ page, thanks for following me :)

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Our game for the Global Game Jam 2013 (Marseille - France).

Coming Soon on the Apple Store...

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25-27 Janvier 2013 => Des milliers de créateurs amateurs se retrouvent dans près de 300 lieux dans le monde pour fabriquer un jeu vidéo en 48 heures.

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The first Tom HeineckeDec ios game (IPAD).
It's retro, it's epic… IT'S A NICE GAME !!!!

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Yeahhhhh !!!!!!
Street Fighter X Mega Man now available to download FOR FREE !!!

You can download here:

Street Fighter X Mega Man reveal trailer

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Faites-moi confiance, ce jeu au graphismes étranges vaut le détour ;)
"Don't look back" is the last amazing indie game from Terry Cavanagh. It's FREE and available on iOS and android. The graphic design can hurt at the beginning BUT in fact it's perfect with the gameplay and the story.
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