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See How Easily You Can Rent a Vehicle for Travel Into Mexico

If you don’t like the idea of a long drive to reach Mexico, you might want to consider a rental car for crossing the border. You can fly to the city from where you will drive south, and you should find rental agencies on the US side that will allow their vehicles to be driven into Mexico. When traveling to Mexico, a Mexican auto insurance is important whether you use your car or a rental. You can research this URL for an idea of rates and policy options. Before you get your Mexican car insurance verify that the rental company has approved your over-the-border plans.

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Best Souvenirs to Buy In Mexico

When the word ‘’souvenir” is mentioned, we tend to visualize cheap trinkets designed to break before you arrive home. The Spanish word for souvenir is recuerdo, meaning “reminder”, which best describes what a souvenir should to be.

The following are some of the preferred candidates for souvenirs that will still be as appealing to you when you bring it home as it was when you first set your eyes upon it in the market or mall.

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Visit Guanajuato But Do Not Forget Your Mexican Insurance

Guanajuato in Central Mexico offers visitors something different from the usual beaches or mountains.  It has a museum packed with mummies that were naturally formed within the local cemetery.  This is not for the squeamish as it could be described as a creep sight.

In days gone by, there was a law which required family members of those buried at the cemetery to be charged an annual fee.  If this fee was not settled for five consecutive years, the body would be exhumed to allow for the crypt to be re-used.

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Buying Mexican Auto Insurance Online Versus Buying At The Border

The Internet has made everyone’s life so much easier.  It is possible to find information and buy almost anything you require with very little effort.  If you consider the queues you can avoid by shopping and doing business online, you would choose the internet all the time.

When it comes to travel, not only can you book your flights or accommodation online, you can also make arrangements to rent a car or have your personal vehicle serviced, ready for your trip.  If you intend taking a trip to Mexico, you should not forget that you require Mexican car insurance if you are going to use the roads in the country.  Buying your Mexican auto insurance policy online will allow you to view a range of policies, with added facilities.  You will be able to enter online chat rooms where insurance experts will offer you solid advice about the available options and requirements.  All of this can be achieved without leaving your home or having to get into your car and drive somewhere to obtain Mexican vehicle insurance.

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Visit The Silver Capital Of Mexico

Taxco de Alarcon is known as the silver capital of Mexico and is one of those delightful little colonial towns situated in the Guerrero state mountains.  It can be reached from Acapulco or Mexico City.

The history of Taxco de Alarcon is an interesting one.  It was during 1522 that the Spanish conquistadors discovered that the residents of the regions around Taxco used silver to pay tribute to the Aztecs.  This discovery resulted in their decision to usurp the region and start mining.  Don Jose de la Borda arrived in the area during the 1700s and became an extremely wealthy man purely from mining silver.  He commissioned the constructions of the Santa Prisca Church, which today forms the centerpiece of the town square.

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Merida – A Great Mexican Destination

Merida is the capital of Yucatan and is situated in the northwest section of the state.  This colonial city has a distinctly different feel to the rest of the country because it is isolated geographically and has a strong Mayan culture.  The city is often called the ‘White City’ because it is so clean and its buildings are constructed in white stone.

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All You Need To Know About Tipping In Mexico

Although it is customary to tip in Mexico, it is not always a requirement.  When you make the decision to tip or not to, you should bear in mind that most staff in the service industry in Mexico do not earn very high salaries, so if you are happy with the service you receive, you should show your appreciation by tipping.  This will not only prompt the staff to offer good service, but you may also receive preferential treatment during your stay.

It is acceptable to tip in either dollars or pesos, though pesos would be more practical for the locals.  The amount you choose to tip is entirely at your discretion, but there are a few rules concerning this.

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Travel To Mexico During Winter

Most visitors to Mexico decide to make the trip during winter.  There are several good reasons for traveling to Mexico during the cold season.  You are probably aware of the benefits of traveling during other seasons, such as limited crowds and better deals, but there are many reasons why winter is the most popular time.

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Driving in Mexico City

Mexico City, being the third world’s largest city with a population of 8.84 million people (City proper) and 21 million (Greater Mexico City), and the financial, political and cultural center of Mexico, is one of the world’s most difficult cities to drive in.

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Plan A Trip To The Xochicalco Ruins in Mexico

The ancient ruins of Xochicalco are a fantastic opportunity to visit a historical site which was inhabited between 200 and 900 AD.  It includes an observatory, temples and an outstanding museum.

The city was originally founded during 200 AD.  It became an important city and around 700 AD was thriving.  It was regarded as a military area and the warriors governed it.  The patron saint of the city was Tlaloc, the God of Rain.  Archaeological evidence that has been found indicates that during 900 AD, the city was either abandoned or destroyed, possibly burned down.  However, the locals appear to have been aware of the city and treated the ruins as sacred.  The city was lost during the Spanish colonial era.
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