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Student Loan Debt Collection
Someone that has borrowed money from a provider with the intention of paying for their higher education is doing so with the promise of paying back this money. If a student loan is not repaid, legal action can be taking. Our debt collections lawyers can help you fight  back.

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Protecting the Rights of Creditors
Few firms can call upon the experience we have in shielding and asserting the rights of businesses and executives against debtor actions. Contact us today for tough and fair commercial debt collection counsel: 

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Few legal matters are as sensitive and difficult as child custody. If you are currently in a dispute, then it is time to speak with an experienced legal advocate. Contact us today:

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Landlord & Tenant Rights
Landlords and tenant's each have rights in Massachusetts. We break down some of these rights to help you decide whether to take action against a tenant living at your property! 

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Child Support Enforcement
Are you struggling with child support payments? The Department of Revenue can intercept your income, pension, tax returns, and even lottery winnings to satisfy your debt. Don't let the state take these actions against you-- call us today to start exploring your legal options. 
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