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When will the Roku app come out? Directtv continues to tell us that it is soon but does anyone know when? I have Roku's in the bedrooms and really don't want to swap them for fire TV's just so I can watch directtv now....

New AppleTV owner....picked it up with the Direct TV now special. I like it! One question I correct to understand that Kodi only works for 7 days when I use the free developer account to sign the app? I installed it a few weeks ago and it worked great. I haven't used it in a while and after the 10.1.1 update I tried to launch it and nothing. I thought the update may have broke it but after some reading see that a 7 day limit may be the cause. That would be a pain and not worth it for me to resign and reload the app every 7 days.

Moderator....I posted a deal earlier for a free apple tv with 3 months of prepaid Direct TV now. I thought others would find it useful. Why was it removed?

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This looks to be a great deal. I truly hate DirectTV but for streamers, 100 channels for $35 a month seems like a good deal. You get a free gen 4 apple tv if you pre pay 3 months. Supports 2 streams and if you continue after the 3 months you lock in the $35 a month. It also says I can cancel at anytime so here I go.....I wonder how long before they try to shaft

Comcast ups the bandwidth cap to 1TB per month? Are all Comcast subscribers seeing this change too?

Ok....I know this is for cord cutters but I hate At&t so much I had to post was 1 year ago when I cut the cord and saved about $120 a month. Cost me about $550 in equipment (most of that was a 4 channel tablo). I have more than double recovered my costs.....I vowed to stop paying AT&T a dime and today I finally moved 2 phones over to Straight Talk. I am officially AT&T free! After 2 years of frustration with billing and spending hours on the phone during those 2 years I have finally stopped feeding the beast!!!!!

So my year of $55 internet with HBO is coming to an end with Comcast so I call them and let them know I will probably be looking elsewhere for internet. The girl put me on hold and came back with a $69 offer for internet with HBO. Showtime, Cinemax and Streampix locked in for 2 years. I was expecting the showtime, cinemax and streampix to be the standard free for 3 months deal but it is actually for 2 years. I figure that is a pretty good deal so I did it. I hope they don't screw me. So far the year I had my bill has been consistent and I have had no hassles. 

Going to give this a shot! Found an Optiplex on Craiglist with no HD for $35. Not too fond of craiglist but for $35 I figure it's worth the risk. Looks like there is a lot of good guides to help me through this....

What to do, what to do? Well I knew it would come some day. Comcast has been nice enough to include Little Rock in their new trial. I now get to pay $35 more for unlimited internet if I go over 300 gigs a month. I cut the cord about 5 months ago and have been using between 300 and 400 gigs a month. I am tempted to pay the $35 more and leave my 6 rokus on 24/7. The other option is to pay about $125 a month for a TV and internet package. Either way I pay them more....I truly hate Comcast!

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For my cording cutting sports friends......if you have not already discovered this....Kodi and the sports devil addon is the holy grail for getting content. Among a ton of other streaming sources it has the front row sports eu site which basically gives you every live sporting event in the world (well maybe I'm exaggerating a little). If you have not, I would recommend you check it out. I have played with Kodi but recently discovered the world of customization and addons. is where I started but there are many others out there. 
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