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The best thing about being a writer is -- unlike, say, a neurosurgeon or flight attendant -- there’s no certification exam. There’s no governing body that must tick your name off a list to enable you to freely ply your craft. Any asshole can be a writer simply by stating that he is, and I am proof positive of that.

You’re also free to pursue whichever ridiculous avenues of inspiration you so choose. I, for example, concern myself primarily with nerdy music. (That being music that deconstructs, reflects upon or celebrates the life of the modern geek.)

See? We writers are unfettered by even the most rudimentary stylistic prohibitions.

My major project of the last several years has been music and culture blog Hipster, please!, though I have recently branched out into more legitimate venues such as contributing to the GeekDad blog at

Because of my connection to the nerd music underground, Wired editor Ken Denmead has on occasion referred to me as "the nerdcore Bill Graham." Sadly, as much as I admire the late music impresario and promoter, this allusion is wholly inaccurate. Graham used his considerable intellect and irresistible charisma to help anchor the American counterculture and give rise to modern concert experience. I, on the other hand, simply leverage the talent of my friends to provide a nest for my own unremarkable artistic endeavors.

Which I guess makes me more akin to the nerdcore Puffy Combs.

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Parsec Award-winning podcaster, Associate Editor at the Wired GeekDad blog, notable nerd and Taintmaster General of the Shadow Council
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upstate SC
out in the sticks - the middle of nowhere - the boonies
I am a husband, a father, a blogger, a podcaster and an IT/digital media professional.
  • Hipster, please!,
    blogger, podcaster, nerd-about-town, Grand Imperial Potentate, present
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    Associate Editor, videogame/music/geek culture blogger, co-host of the regular GeekDad HipTrax podcast, present
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