This night was undoubtedly the highlight of my recent 5 day photo boot camp with +jared ropelato. We hooked up with +David Thompson under some drizzly, muted, gray clouds about 2 hours before this image was taken. While David and Jared were optimistic, it seemed to me that we couldn't possibly get good light that evening. But sure enough, the more experienced photogs knew what they were up to. 1.5 hours before sunset we saw a break in the clouds and headed toward a choice spot David had scouted on a previous outing. As we setup we saw the light change from muted gray to watching the back-end of the storm drift above us. Then the light hit. OMG. After our 30 minutes of frantic shooting, David summed it up nicely by saying "Man, that light was beyond was APOCALYPTIC!"

Between the amazing light, being in such a beautiful location, enjoying the experience with some great dudes, and David's coining of the term "apocalyptic" this will be an event I will remember for the rest of my life.....and now i got the pic to help me remember in my old age ;)
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