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Financial Planning and Investment

As trusted advisors, we understand the importance of our client's needs, both now and in the future. At Buwe & Associates, LLC our aim is to help you reach your financial goals for the future by providing you with expert guidance today. Contact Us for your financial planning needs because it's never too early to start planning for retirement.

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benefits of e-filing?

1. Minimal Paper
2. Fewer IRS errors
3. No additional cost
4. Proof of Filing - The taxpayer gets a proof of filing letter and tracking number, which is not available via mail or courier.
5. Timely filing. Can't get lost in the mail.
6. Security. Less chance of identity theft.
7. Faster refund processing.
8. Payment by check or direct deposit.
9. For complex returns, all your data goes into the system. With paper returns, the IRS doesn't keep your detailed supporting schedules. With paper, the IRS depends more on the taxpayer for record keeping.
10. IRS verification of the return. The taxpayer gets notified right away if there is a problem rather than waiting months for an IRS notice and then a lot more paperwork to correct the problem.

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IRS Issues?

Dealing with the IRS can be stressful for anyone. At Buwe & Associates we understand the anxiety that debt to the IRS or state tax authorities can cause. Controversies and tax issues can be frustrating at best. At Buwe & Associates we are experienced at dealing with the IRS and understand how they work. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We may be able to help you!

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Setting Up a New Business?

The process of setting up a new business can be challenging, even daunting, especially if this is your first business. Setting up a business involves a number of important steps, if you want to get it right the first time. At Buwe & Associates we provide expert advice and guidance to help you navigate through these sometimes tricky waters. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll set up an appointment to speak with you.

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The best kind of tax planning is not merely concerning numbers but also takes place in the context of personal vision and goals.

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Between ages 60-70, you can begin collecting Social Security and applying senior discounts. Put aside money for long-term medical needs.

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Is the financial street you're driving on getting you where you really want to go? We are there with help.

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Our Team of Professional Accountants can help you with...

1) Tracking expenses with our professional bookkeeping services,
Preparing your taxes, both federal and state,
2) Conducting individual audits so you'll know you're prepared when the IRS calls,
3) Financial Planning for how to use money today to pay for your dreams tomorrow,
4) Estate Planning, to protect your family and your business for the unexpected
5) Managing your cash flow, making sure the bills are always paid on-time
6) Getting the full value of your investment when you sell your home or business.

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Buwe and Associates offers following accounting services depending upon the individual needs of the clients:

1. Design and set-up Accounting System
2. Develop accounting policies and procedures
3. Payroll Tax Filings
4. Prepare budgets and pay bills
5. Reconcile Bank Statements
6. Analyze Cash flow
7. Prepare Financial Statement
8. Provide interim, on-site bookkeepers
9. Hire and train in-house accountants
10. Select and Implement Financial Accounting Systems
11. Co-ordinate closing of the year-end financial records
12. Prepare and guide through annual audit
13. Prepare and monitor budget

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Why Buwe & Associates?

At Buwe & Associates, our team of expert accountants provides comprehensive, professional accounting services for businesses and individuals in Fredericksburg and Woodbridge, Virginia. Our friendly CPAs have the experience and knowledge to take care of any and all of your accounting needs. Whether you are a business owner, a corporate executive, or in charge of your home's finances, we can provide you with professional accounting and financial planning services that will help you achieve your financial goals.
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