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Why do you want to manage your time.
Hey guys in this post I am going to show you how important to manage your time. Because managing time is almost equals to managing your life.If you do not manage it you are hurting yourself and the dangerous effect of this is  that you don't know you are hu...

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Structure and bonding
Here my aim is to give you  or share you my knowledge about structure and bonding.So let's start. In chemistry, we can name all the types of  bonding as chemical bonding. Chemical bonding: Chemical bonding can be defined as the attraction between the atoms ...

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Hybridization of orbitals
In this post,  I am going to describe you about orbital hybridization which is an important concept to understand.  In order to have a clear knowledge about orbital hybridization what we wanna know are, What is an orbital? Why does hybridization happen? How...

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How to take action to be super productive and stop procrastination.
In this post, I am going to describe few techniques that you could use in order to achieve your goals, and stop procrastination  i.e. be super productive First of all I wanna ask you these question,                 1. Are you  are a  student who procrastina...

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About Seismology.
In this post , my target is to give you a brief  knowledge about  Seismology.  Now let's find  little bit about surface waves  So I hope  that you are aware of what is seismic waves and it's other properties. And don't forget to give your feedback   .

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Chemistry of S block
So let's take a look at the chemistry of S block elements. S block contains two groups as, Alkali metals Alkali earth metals. First  group of the periodic table contain alkali metal and 2nd group contain alkali earth metals. Following periodic table shows i...
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