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There has been a lot of talk about the new Age Of Sigmar, but that has got a few of us at 4Ground thinking how much Warhammer used to mean to us. Soon, it seems, we will never be able to collect those other armies we all wanted. This has lead a few of us to buck the trend and go start new armies for old Warhammer (well 8th edition)!
Adam, Ben, Cad and Andy felt a touch too much nostalgia for the old ways and rather than trying the new system they felt like trying new armies. So Adam of the tomb kings, picked up a new Lizardman force, Bretonius Ben is now Von Ben of the Empire, Ogre Tyrant Cad is now of the chittering Skaven and fey Andy of the Wood Elves has resurected himself as a Vampire Count.

With Andy and Ben busy, this afternnon, priming their troops ready for painting, as soon as the glue had dried on Cad and Adam's new 'plastic-fantastic' (well mostly plastic) armies, they had to get a game in ASAP. So even before they had started on painting their respective hordes they were embattled foes in one of their old favorate games!

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For all you Bolt Action players out there, who don't get the Warlord Games newsletter we thought you may like this link to this new article.  Warlord Games have posted the house rules we use here at 4Ground when using buildings in our games of Bolt Action.  These Warlord approved rule supplements allow you to move within buildings and use mouse-holing and high explosive weaponry to storm buildings barricaded with the likes of 4Ground furniture.  Check out the link below if you would like to give them a go.

#boltaction   #warlordgames   #warlord   #4Ground   #worldwar2   #wargaming   #buildings   #terrain

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It was great to have Dan from Wargames Illustrated come down for a visit recently, he has put an interesting article on the Wargames Illustrated website about his visit, if you look closely in one of the photographs you might see some pre-production models from a forthcoming range. To have a look at the article click on the link below.

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Maz on our facebook page has provided these great signs for our DMH signs.  He advises that for best effect you print them at 300DPI.

#deadmanshand   #cowboy   #buildings   #wargames

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To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo we are offering a 20% discount on our Age of Black Powder ranges (both 15mm and 28mm), if you enter code WL200 on our website as a voucher it will take the money off. This code will work until the 25th of June. #Waterloo   #4Ground   #Discount   #Waterloo2015  
Waterloo Anniversary
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