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Julie Tetel Andresen
Writer & Defender of the Romance Novel | Professor of Linguistics
Writer & Defender of the Romance Novel | Professor of Linguistics

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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing +Rachel Knowles, the author of the Regency History blog and the new Georgian romance novel "A Perfect Match", on my blog! It was wonderful to hear from a fellow author who so beautifully balances creativity and research in her work.

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Annie Londonderry, Biker Extraordinaire

In case anybody thought that interesting women have only lived in more modern times:

"According to legend, Annie’s journey began when two businessmen made a wager that a woman could bicycle around the world in fifteen months. Annie, who was twenty-four at the time, agreed to be the woman to settle the wager. She would be paid $5000 if she made it. Then, the Londonderry Lithia Spring Water Company paid her $100 to change her name to Londonderry and carry a placard with the company logo on her ride. She started her ride in 1894 and concluded in 1895."

#smartbitches #awesomewomen

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Is female-bashing a way for men to bond?

+Jackie Horne poses the question in a recent blog post for Romance Novels for Feminists.


"The passage makes me wonder: how difficult is it for young men who grow up being taught to regard girls as objects, as "chicks," as something to "bang," to make the transition to thinking about one particular woman as "something more"? Does changing their thinking about one woman allow them to change their thinking about _all_ women? Or do all girls and women besides those given "something more" status remain objects?"

What do you think?

#menarefrommars #womenarefromvenus #chicks #feminism @null


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Another Amazing Woman

Anne Seymour Damer impressed Horace Walpole and hundreds of her contemporaries with her beautiful sculpture. Discover her life in this profile by +Rachel Knowles.

#regency #regencyromance

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I love languages.

Although you'll often find me writing romance novels, my "day job" as a professor of linguistics often has me delving into nonfiction territory as well. 

This new blog post is an excerpt from my latest book, co-authored with Philip Carter, on the rich history of languages in the world-- and the surprising ways they have been affected by geopolitical events.

Uncover the rich history of Spanglish with us!

#spanglish   #languages   #languagelearning   #linguistics  

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This is my new headshot, courtesy of +Jim Hobart and Macbeth Photography in Orlando. What do you think?

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Dialogue is the heart of many good novels.

In a romance novel specifically, it defines the dynamic between the hero and the heroine, making the difference between a believable story and one that is so far-fetched as to be impossible.

For today's blog post, I thought I would share some of the tips that I believe to be the most valuable in learning to write better dialogue. But I'm curious to know from other writers: what has helped you get into the dialogue zone?

Read the post here:

#dialogue #writing #writingtips #characters

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How do you survive the ever-changing market for authors?

This practical post from +Joanna Penn gives some helpful hints on how to avoid being one of the quitters in 2015.

"In her musings on what indie authors learned in 2014, Kris names 2014 as the ‘year of the quitter,’ when many authors discovered that writing is hard, publishing is hard and making a living with your writing is hard.Achieving real success is also difficult, the gold rush has ended and that there is definitely a mid-list indie."

The tips, in summary:

1. Write books you love for people who love them.

2. Think globally.

3. Consider multiple streams of income.

What about you? How do you keep going in the face of challenges as an author?

#books #encouragement #motivation #writing #authorlife

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The language of the regency era

+Rachel Knowles does a wonderful job as always, painting a picture of the details of the Regency era. This particular post takes on the obsolete expression haut ton.

And rarely do you run across a word with more significant cultural implication for that culture and time.

Dive into the history of the expression here.

#history #languages #fashion #books

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Holidays are the time to read!

I loved this list of great winter reads from +Joanna Penn... what were you reading over the holiday season?

#holidays #nowreading #books #recommendedreading
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